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What is Terra?

Terra is a FREE Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) persistent world universe in which Warriors battle with heavy weapons on personal and team levels to conquer the Outlands!

Terra is a war game unlike any other, modeled after none, similar to absolutely nothing! Terra is a persistent game world in which you fight both Warriors (humans) and Robots (AI) to gain rank/experience and built your own assets, claim land and protect it. Play with friends, create your own clan, or even meet new friends.

In Terra, only skill and battle tactics separate the good players from the bad. Overcome, adapt and conquer! Fly planes and helicopters, drive tanks and fast moving light battle vehicles. Play with a defensive nature or an aggressive one. Build and name your own castles and forts and even design their defenses and defend them in fierce battles that can last from just minutes to an intense several hours.

Terra doesn't sleep. It is a persistent world that exists 24/7, every minute of every day in real time. Your assets exist and are defended by your friends and allies, or their own defenses while you sleep. In Terra, the war is never over, it is always just beginning. Come try a game that's both very simple, but deeply complex in all of its capabilities. Build your world the way YOU like it and test your skills as a Warrior against others.

Clan Council Withdrawing Services to Outlying Districts!
Kent Clark - 19 March 2014

Highly placed officials have confirmed long simmering rumours that the Clan Council will be withdrawing services from the outlying districts.  Effective April 1st any Forts built outside of the original District 1 boundaries will be abandoned.  No power, no Vulture transport and no banking services will be available.  The expansion districts will be off limits for any construction for the foreseeable future.

Outland Clan leaders have expressed outrage that this is being done with no compensation being provided for assets that will be lost in the process.  Council officials have countered that lack of support from those very same Outland Clans is the primary reason for the restructuring.  Expansion of the Districts did not achieve the large expansion of the warrior population that the Clans had foreseen so there was not the greatly increased revenue from property taxes and Hippo Sups recovering battle wrecks that had been expected to pay for services in the new districts.

Officials have advised all Outland Clans to evacuate any and all cash assets that they may have in the affected districts to forts within District 1 PRIOR to the resizing on April 1st.  The Clan Council will NOT be responsible in any way for cash or any other assets that are no longer accessible after the restructuring.  Lack of forts in District 1 to hold Clan assets or being an absentee landlord who is unaware of the pending changes will not get Clans any special compensation for assets/cash lost in the process.

Kent Clark, Outland Inquirer

Dregs Reconstruction Finally Completed!
Kent Clark - 17 February 2014

More than two years after the originally promised completion date and billions of Lukers over budget, reconstruction of the original Dregs Beachheads has been completed and the site brought back online.  Clan Council operations have been relocated back to the East, raising serious questions over the Council's ability to continue to control of the three new Districts opened in the wake of the massive earthquakes which caused the original relocation far to the undeveloped Western Outlands. 

While the Clan Council insists that its ambitious expansion plans launched three years ago are still on track, there are rumblings that resources may be re-concentrated back into District 1 leaving the many isolated Clan bases scattered across the new districts without support.  The fact that most of the "New Dregs" beachheads were disassembled to provide the equipment, sensors and bot assembly lines to rebuild the original Dregs site would seem to support this theory.  There has been no official response as of yet to questions about the fate of the new Chog, Sang and Canobie beachheads that were built at the Western capital.  Will they too be relocated to the East, or is there truth to the rumours that their equipment will be sold off at auction to help pay for massive reconstruction bill?

Debate appears to be raging behind closed doors as to how to repair the financial damage caused to the Outlands now that the physical damage from the quake has been mostly repaired.  One faction favours hiking tax rates to cover the costs, but the majority seem to feel that this will simply drive more of the Clansmen to strike out deep into the wilds and off the grid (like many warriors have done since the great disaster).  Some councilors are suggesting dropping the fees charged for construction materials in order to encourage the Outland Clans to restart construction which would then increase tax revenues through growth of the Outland economy.  Either way, the financial situation is so dire that some leaders are even considering shutting down some of the new bot construction lines in order to save Lukers.

It remains to be seen though if even these desperate changes will be able to kick-start the faltering Outland economy.  Much work still remains to be done.  Dregs reconstruction is still being completed and the leaders of Clans Amok and Desert Rats are reportedly planning relocation of their fortresses back to District 1.  Many other Outland Clan leaders are planning similar moves and are transferring Lukers from their Western forts to ones within District 1 in case the rumours of a pending Clan Council abandonment of the new Western Districts turns out to be true.

On a positive note, it's been learned by this reporter that the notoriously foul-tempered and hard drinking CinC Servo of the Clan AxesOfWeazles was NOT crushed to death by a stack of rum kegs in one of the many aftershocks to hit the Outlands last winter as was previously reported.  He was in fact found by reconstruction crews holed-up in the rubble-buried rum storage cellars deep underneath the Dregs.  Fourteen workers were killed by the surly CinC after attempting to "rescue" him from his bunker.  Some portions of the Dregs basement remain closed to public access out of fears that a spark could ignite the rum fumes causing a major explosion while negotiations continue in an attempt to coax Servo back to the surface. 

Interesting times ahead for the Outlands. 

Kent Clark

E-mail Addresses Needed
Terminox - 05 June 2013
We're going to do a mass mail out to all the old players we have email addresses for.  We will do this a few times with an option to opt out or continue to receive notifications.  We will set a date(s) for get together battles on-line, a reunion of sorts. 

A lot are going to bounce as they are OLD, some going way back ten years and more.  If clan leaders have up to date mailing lists please send them to me via private message on this message board as an attachment.  I can quickly de-dupe them with the system we are using so don't worry about duplicates. 



Super Fort
Terminox - 12 July 2012
A super fort just cooked in the Beach head area.  Nothing too big.  1M Lukers to the clan that takes it.  Please post any issues in NG, lag, slowdowns, etc.  Possibly one or two more planetary outages due to pending changes but that should be it.  Unless there are issues I'll be heading off-planet again for at least the summer.  Try to promote the game as much as you can.  Enjoy.


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