What is Terra?

Terra is a FREE Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) persistent world universe in which Warriors battle with heavy weapons on personal and team levels to conquer the Outlands!

Terra is a war game unlike any other, modeled after none, similar to absolutely nothing! Terra is a persistent game world in which you fight both Warriors (humans) and Robots (AI) to gain rank/experience and built your own assets, claim land and protect it. Play with friends, create your own clan, or even meet new friends.

In Terra, only skill and battle tactics separate the good players from the bad. Overcome, adapt and conquer! Fly planes and helicopters, drive tanks and fast moving light battle vehicles. Play with a defensive nature or an aggressive one. Build and name your own castles and forts and even design their defenses and defend them in fierce battles that can last from just minutes to an intense several hours.

Terra doesn't sleep. It is a persistent world that exists 24/7, every minute of every day in real time. Your assets exist and are defended by your friends and allies, or their own defenses while you sleep. In Terra, the war is never over, it is always just beginning. Come try a game that's both very simple, but deeply complex in all of its capabilities. Build your world the way YOU like it and test your skills as a Warrior against others.

Terra is back up and running
The game server, forums, etc. should now all be back up and running.

Post a new topic in the Bug Reports section if anything does not seem to be working properly.

Re: The Terra Game Server is Currently Down
The server is up - just waiting for the setup and data to get transferred back in.  Sorry junior clan guys, no lost data so no map wipe. 
Rhino Weapon Upgrades
Repairs to Rhino Production Lines Finally Completed!

The Clan Council has announced that enough spare parts have finally been scavenged to complete the long-awaited repairs to the Rhino vehicle production line.  It's been four long years since the massive earthquakes that shattered the Outlands and threw all of Terran society into disarray and the recovery has been slow and often painful. 

Damage to the automated vehicle production facilities has been long delayed due to lack of spare parts and and key technologies.  Ever since the catastrophic damage wrought by the earthquakes, workers have been forced to ship vehicles with reduced weapon capacities than those produced before the disaster.  These production problems have now been fixed.

Server Issues
We had some problems with code that was added for an upcoming feature that resulted in various server stability problems; when a test object implementing the new feature was lased, the server would crash and restart.

If you were online at the following times, you may have noticed rollbacks, extended red-boxing, etc.:

  • Fri Feb 27 22:29:02 through Fri Feb 27 23:28:04 (10 restarts).
  • Sat Feb 28 08:19:35 through Sat Feb 28 08:20:08 (2 restarts).
  • Sat Feb 28 12:01:14 through Sat Feb 28 12:09:00 (3 restarts).
  • Sun Mar 01 15:51:22 (early restart, followed by scheduled restart at 16:00).

All times are PST (UTC-8).

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