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The Council of Clans is committed to making your experience in Terra impeccable. If you experience any problems, have any questions, or wish to praise the Council for its efficiency and effectiveness, please join the discussion forum and post your comments there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I login to the Terra Newsgroups?

The Terra Discussion Forums require you to create a new account that is separate from your Terra game account.

How do I set the radio channel?

Use the @channel command to change channels (eg., @channel 100).

I've switched Internet Service Providers. How can I change my main email address?

Log in to the website using your Terra account name and password, then go to the Game Functions page and click on the Change Email link.

Why is there no sound when I play Terra?

  • Check to ensure that the current version of DirectX is installed on your system.
  • Check to make sure that your speakers are turned on.
  • Check the volume control on your desktop (an icon usually located at lower right of the program bar on your desktop, near the clock and other system icons). If volume control is mute or turned down, deselect mute, and/or turn up volume.

I have a foreign keyboard which lacks an @ symbol. How do I issue special commands?

Use the & (ampersand) key, which will produce an @ in Terra on all keyboards. You can also use the \ (backslash) or / (forward slash) keys.

I built a fort and now it is gone. What happened to it?

The fort was either razed for non-payment of taxes, destroyed by an enemy clan, or a rogue member of your clan destroyed it.

What are the system requirements my computer must meet to play Terra?

Terra requires a Pentium PC or better running Windows XP or later. It will run on a variety of graphics cards. Most PCs these days will run Terra just fine, as long as they have some sort 3D accelerator card.

Terra complains about a corrupted file, what happened?

That can happen if there are Internet problems during one of the automated updates. This is also a symptom of someone tampering with the files in Terra's Media folder. If this happens to you, your best bet is to use the Add/Remove Programs control panel to uninstall Terra, then go to our Download Page to get a fresh copy of Terra, and re-install. It should solve the problem.

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