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Tactical Tip: When driving on a hill, traverse perpendicular to the slope to get to more suitable driving ground quicker.

Welcome to Terra

Welcome to Terra

Terra is a war game unlike any other in which Warriors battle with heavy weapons on both personal and team levels to conquer the Outlands! This is a persistent, 24/7 game world in which you fight against both opposing Warriors (humans) and Robots ("Artificial Intelligence" or AI bots) to gain Rank and experience, earn Achievements, build your own Castles, control territory, and protect it. Play on your own as part of one of the default Founding Clans, join with other warriors in an existing Outland Clan, or even create your own Clan and lead your fellow warriors to fame and victory!

In Terra, there are no restrictive classes telling you how you must play or limiting what you can do. There are no marked territories controlling your movements, and no separate instances, zones, or levels keeping you separated from other players. New players can do everything veterans can do...only skill and battle tactics separate the good players from the bad.

Online Training Tutorial

You should automatically access this tutorial when you first start playing Terra. Tarn, the AI BootCamp training bot, will review the basic operations of the Rhino Main Battle Tank - the primary weapon used in Terra and the first vehicle you should seek to master. If you did not complete the online training (you un-checked the training box when you started the game) or if you wish to refresh your training you can return to Tarn at any time by evac'ing to the Recruiting Office. This is done by hitting your Enter key to activate the radio control then typing @e RecruitingOffice. A transport helicopter (Vulture) will then take you back to the Recruiting Office to do your online training.

In Game Help

Pressing the HELP button on the dashboard of your vehicle while playing the game will open an interactive Help menu on your screen. This Help file contains useful tips and instructions on how to perform common tasks that are required to be successful in the game.

Online Players

You can talk to other players online in the game by activating the Radio Chat feature. Administrative messages as well as chat by other players will scroll across your screen as you play the game. You can scroll up and down through past messages by pressing Ctrl + Mouse Wheel. You can enter your own chat messages by pressing the Enter key to activate the chat dialog box, typing your message, then pressing Enter again to send your message. All other online players will be able to see your message. Experienced players are an excellent source of information about game functions and tips to improve your play. Most are more than willing to help out new players but understand that they may sometimes be away from their keyboard (AFK) or too busy to answer your questions immediately. Terra can take quite some time to master... patience is an excellent skill to learn!

The Terra Forum

The Terra Forum ( is the official online forum for the Terra community. Look here for information and announcements about the game, tips and suggestions from experience (and new) players and take part in lively discussions about ideas and suggestions from players about how to improve the game.

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