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Tactical Tip: When transfering funds between Beachhead forts, always leave at 1 Luker in a fort instead of withdrawing all of the available funds. This allows you to still FARP one more vehicle from this fort if needed.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Your Clan - Friends and Enemies

When you first join Terra you are assigned membership in one of the two permanent "Founding" Clans. These Clans are Amok and the DesertRats. Your Clan membership determines who your "friends" are and who your "foes" in the game. Any friendly players, AI bots and Castles will appear in BLUE on your Satellite Map in the game. Friendly bots will not shoot at you unless you shoot at them first and will assist you in fighting against any enemies in the area. Enemy players, AI bots and Castles will show in RED on your Satellite Map. Enemy vehicles (and players) WILL attack you as soon as they notice you in the area.

What do I do now?

Once you have completed your basic online training with Tarn you will be transported to BootCamp where you can start putting your warrior skills into practice. All around BootCamp are a number of BootCamp "Beachhead" Castles (BC1, BC2, etc. These are permanent Castles that you can capture by shooting the Control Pylons (as demonstrated by Tarn in your online training). Capturing an enemy-held Beachhead (Red on the map) will turn the Beachhead into a "friendly" Castle (Blue) along with all of the AI Bot defenders assigned to that Castle. You will also gain access to the "Lukers" (Terran Cash) in that Castles treasury. You use this money to purchase new vehicles after you are killed in the game (don't worry... it IS a WAR game... you WILL die - possibly quite often to start!). Practice your combat skills by capturing these Beachhead forts and killing the AI Bot defenders... as well as any enemy players that get in your way! Once you have proven your ability by killing 100 enemies you will be directed to continue play in one of the other Beachhead areas frequented by more experienced players.

Radio Commands

The Radio Control is also used to activate many special game commands in Terra. Radio Commands are typed in the communications console but all are preceded by the @ symbol. These commands are used for moving around from Castle to Castle on the map, building Castles and their defenses, obtaining information about other players and Clans, etc. A full listing of these commands can be found in later in this manual. Who else is Online?

You can use your Radio Commands to find out what other players are also online. The @list (or @l) command will give you a list of all allied players currently logged in to the game. The @list all (or @l all) command will give you a list of ALL players currently logged into the game. Knowing who else is playing will give you the chance to coordinate your actions with your fellow Clan-mates as well as be prepared for the enemies you may expect to face.

Is that it???

Learning your basic combat skills is just the start of your career in Terra. Once you've learned to capture the Beachhead forts and defend yourself against opposing players, the REAL fun begins. The cash you capture from the beachheads will be the foundation for your Clan's empire in the Outlands. The permanent Beachhead forts represent just a tiny portion of the playing area in Terra. Players have access to a gaming arena that measures 2400km x 2400km. That's almost SIX MILLION square kilometers of terrain to explore, develop, and fight over! Using your Beachhead cash you can head out into the vast Outlands and build your own forts. You can spread them out to make them harder for your enemies to find, or you can build a "grid" of connected forts into a powerful territory where opponents will fear to tread!

These Outland territories are where the fiercest fighting takes place as opposing Clans clash over disputed forts. Call in your Clan-mates and allies to help defend against determined attackers, or set your own Mobile Base deep in enemy territory and seize their fort in a devastating assault! These battles have been known to last for hours and hours with players coming and going from each side and forts being captured and recaptured until one side is defeated out of sheer exhaustion (or total depletion of their cash reserves).

Strong friendships will be formed with the warriors in your alliances and bitter foes will be identified among the ranks of the enemies. Victory will be snatched from the jaws of defeat, and vile treacheries will seal your doom! One thing is sure though, in Terra the BATTLE may end but the WAR is NEVER over!

Terra is one of the longest running online games in existence. Do YOU have what it takes to make a name that is remembered by players a decade from now? Will YOU be one of those players that took part in the epic battles that have become part of Terran legend? Only time will tell!

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