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Tactical Tip: To do a 180° turn in a Shrike, first get up to full speed (either forward or reverse), and then use your keyboard or joystick to immediately turn and move in the opposite direction. Your Shrike will start to slow down, and then spin rapidly around.

The Terran Landscape

The Terran Landscape

After completing your training with Tarn you will have become familiar with the BootCamp training area. This is just the beginning... there is much more to Terra. Here we will talk about some of the permanent structure in Terra.

The Dregs and Sump Beachhead Areas

Once you have learned the basics at BootCamp you will be able to continue Beachheading at the Dregs and Sump Beachhead areas. You get to these locations by using the @evac/@e Radio Command (@e Dregs or @e Sump). There are three different types of Beachhead Castles. "Standard" Beachheads (those closest to Dregs and Sump) are defended by Rhino and Bloodbat bots and will contain a minimum of L10,000 in their treasury when captured. The more distant "Beachhead Plus" Castles have M-Goat defenders in addition to Rhino's and Bloodbats and also have a single "decoy" pylon which will explode when shot - possibly destroying the attacking vehicle! A "Beachhead Plus" will contain a minimum of L30,000 in its treasury when captured. There are also two "Super Beachheads" located in the North and South ends of the Dregs which include Armadillo Heavy Tanks in their defenses. Super Beachheads will have at least L60,000 in the treasury when captured.

You will likely encounter many other warriors - both friend and foe - as you fight to secure the cash at the various Beachhead Castles. Some will keep to themselves, focusing on earning cash for their Clans (to fund new Castle construction and to pay for the many vehicles required for large Outland battles). Other warriors however will seek to test their skill against other players. Avoid the temptation to get frustrated when facing more experienced players. Challenging yourself is the only real way to learn and improve in Terra. Watch what other players are doing to be successful. Ask them what mistakes you are making. When you see multi-player battles taking place (around the Benton Beachhead is a very common location) jump in and get some combat experience under your belt. Talk to your Clan-mates and work together to practice your skills. Practice makes perfect!

The Gauntlet

If you're looking to test your combat skills you can try facing The Gauntlet (@e Gauntlet). On arrival you will be FARP'd in a Rhino. The object is to battle your way through the many bots and make your way East to a series of silver markers (looking much like pylons). Simply shoot the markers to complete the challenge. The bots you kill will continue to regenerate while you fight so balance your will to fight with the need to keep moving toward your objective. The purple lines on the map represent a permanent "repulsor" field around the challenge area. These "reps" will prevent you from driving outside the Gauntlet boundaries. Successfully complete The Gauntlet and you will be awarded a Medal.

Berserker, Goat_Berserker and Waterworks

These three Castles are special Tournament areas where occasional Player-vs-Player tournaments are held. They can be used at any time to practice your skills vs. other players if you wish to go there (there are no bots in these areas), however watch the Terra Forum ( for announcements of when official tournaments are scheduled to take place. When these happen the players are ranked in the combat based on their net kills during the timed tournament. The top three players are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Berserker Medals for their performance.

The Outlands

Killing bots, earning cash and fighting other players at the Beachheads is only a small part of what Terra has to offer. Beyond the permanent Beachhead areas of Terra are the massive expanses of the Outlands. This is where the various Outland Clans build their own Castles and try to capture those of their enemies in the battle for supremacy!