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Tactical Tip: The only truly safe places in Terra are inside forts or in deep water. If you are going to be away from your keyboard, evac or swim first.

Castle Controls

Castle Controls

Castles are the buildings on the map where you go to purchase the vehicles you use to fight in Terra. After you have completed your online training with Tarn, you will be transported to BootCamp. This building has an unlimited amount of Lukers (cash) for players to purchase new vehicles. Whenever you are killed in the game you are automatically transported to the Control Room of the nearest friendly Castle.

Castle Controls

Selecting a Vehicle Type

You can choose the type of vehicle you wish to purchase by using the Next and Back buttons in the "Vehicle Selection" area of the Castle Control Room screen. The name and cost of the different vehicles as well as a picture of the vehicle will appear in the Vehicle Selection area of the screen. Each vehicle has different weapons, advantages and limitations, which will be outlined later in this manual.

Placing your Vehicle on the Map


The vehicle you select may be placed anywhere within 5km of your Castle. This place where your vehicle will appear is called the "Forward Area Re-Supply Point"... or FARP Point. The act of purchasing a vehicle is commonly referred to as "FARPing". You can select the location that you wish your vehicle to be placed by left-clicking your mouse anywhere on the SAT Map within 5km of your location (shown as a grey circle around your Castle on the SAT Map). You can also choose the direction you wish your vehicle to be facing by holding down the left mouse button after clicking on the SAT Map then moving the mouse to rotate the directional arrow to set your vehicle facing. You can execute the command to purchase your vehicle by clicking on the Buy button in the "Vehicle Selection" area of the screen. If there is money available in the Treasury of your Castle you will then "run" to your Vehicle and be ready to take part in Combat.

Location Coordinates

The position indicator shows the location of the Castle by showing your longitude in kilometers (E)ast or (W)est followed by the latitude in kilometers (N)orth or (S)outh. You can also use the position indicator to find the map coordinates of items on your map by moving your mouse pointer over the map. The mouse's current coordinates will be listed on the second line of the display (followed by an M).

Map Controls

These buttons control your radar/map display. They allow you to zoom in and out and scroll the map display in any direction. The radar shows enemies as red dots, structures as white dots, allies as blue dots, and projectiles as yellow dashes.

  • + or -: Zoom In or Zoom Out the map display
  • DIRECTIONAL ARROWS: Scrolls the map in the selected direction
  • RECEnter MAP: Clicking on the square button in the middle of the directional arrows will re-center the map on the Castle

Radio Control

This area displays information messages generated automatically by the game as well as "Chat" messages between online players. Pressing your Enter key activates the Chat control which allows you to type messages that will be visible to all online members using your current radio frequency. Pressing Enter again after typing your message will send the message. Pressing the Esc key will cancel the message you are typing. You can scroll forward and backward through your message history by using Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.

The CHAN indicator beneath the Vehicle Selection panel displays the radio frequency you are currently monitoring. The frequency automatically defaults to "100" when you start the game. You can change the frequency by typing @channel ### in the radio chat control to select a new frequency. You will only be able to see chat messages typed by other players on the same frequency.

Why won't it let me buy a new tank?

You can't purchase a new vehicle if there is no money in the Castle treasury. Your vehicle selection area will advise you that you have no money available (but this message will be cleared if you use the Back/Next buttons). Some Castles (such as BootCamp, Dregs, Sump and the training Clan Home Forts - Amok_Home and DesertRats_Home) will ALWAYS allow you to purchase a vehicle regardless of how much money they show in their Treasury. If you have no money available in your Castle for a new vehicle you should EVAC (evacuate by Vulture transport helicopter) back to BootCamp. You can do this by hitting the Enter key to access the Radio Command console then type @e BootCamp.

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