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Tactical Tip: One of the most important concepts in Terra is that armor is divided into four sections: front, left, right, and rear. All vehicles have their strongest armor in the front and their weakest in the rear. This means you can take more damage to the front than the rear of your vehicle. But, more importantly, the fact that armor is sectioned means that you can take the most damage by rotating your hull as you are being hit. Set up keys to rotate hull in your keyboard config so that you can rotate your hull while keeping your turret on target.

Vehicle Movement

Vehicle Movement

Making your Vehicle Move

All land vehicles in the game use the same basic controls. Your tank automatically heads in the direction that your turret is pointing. You change the direction you are headed by using your Joystick or dragging your mouse by holding down the Right-Click button while you move it. The 2/4/6/9 keys on your NumberPad or the A/S/D/W keys on your Keyboard will also move your turret.

Once you are done rotating your turret your vehicle's hull will automatically rotate to align with where your turret is now pointing. This allows you to focus on finding targets without constantly correcting your driving direction.

Your throttle is activated by either your Mouse Wheel or the Throttle Control on your Joystick. You can also use the + key on your NumberPad to increase your speed in increments or the F3/F2 keys to increase/decrease your throttle. Pressing the . key on your NumberPad will toggle your Reverse throttle On and Off.

Note: Your vehicle will turn more quickly when it is stopped than if it is running at full speed.

Repairing Vehicle Damage and Replenishing Ammo and Fuel


You are able to repair damage to your vehicle as well as replenish depleted ammunition and fuel supplies when stopped on top of the wreck of a destroyed vehicle (or beside a friendly garage). You can do this by either pressing the SUP button on your vehicle dashboard (in Cockpit View) or by pressing the 0 button on your NumberPad. The amount of armor and types/quantities of ammo available in each wreck are limited and some wrecks (once already SUP'd) may be out of armor or ammunition/fuel.

Hull Rotation

A VERY important skill in Terra is learning how to rotate the hull facing of your vehicle. As noted earlier, your vehicle's front normally moves to be in line with the direction your turret is currently facing. This will result in your front armor facing typically being presented to your enemies. While this IS the most heavily armored side of your vehicle, once it takes damage it becomes much more vulnerable to enemy fire. You will often want to rotate your hull in combat to present an undamaged (or less damaged) armor facing toward your enemy. This is particularly important when facing other human opponents.

The default keyboard commands to change your hull facing are the Z and X keys on the keyboard (to rotate your hull 90 degrees left or right respectively) or Ctrl + Arrow Buttons to face your hull Front/Back/Left/Right from your turret direction. You can customize these (and any other) keyboard short-cuts with the "Key Bindings" tool.

Laser Range-Finder ("Lasing")

Your vehicle's Laser Range-Finder is an important tool for obtaining information about other objects, buildings and vehicles in the game. You can "Lase" a target by right-clicking your mouse on the object. It will provide you information in your Radio Control message area about the object you lased. It will tell you things like what type of vehicle you have lased, the Clan to which it belongs, or details of the player driving the vehicle (if it's a player controlled vehicle instead of a bot). Lasing a wreck will tell you if it contains armor, ammunition or fuel you can SUP as well as the amount of Lukers (cash), if any, contained in the wreckage. Lasing buildings will tell you who currently owns the Castle, what players are currently inside, as well as the amount of money in the treasury. Lasing friendly (blue) objects and vehicles will provide you more information than you will obtain by lasing enemy (red) objects. Lasing a target will also "lock" on Laser-Designated Missiles (LDMs) on to the target if your vehicle is equipped with them (more on weapon types in a later section).

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