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Tactical Tip: One of the most important concepts in Terra is that armor is divided into four sections: front, left, right, and rear. All vehicles have their strongest armor in the front and their weakest in the rear. This means you can take more damage to the front than the rear of your vehicle. But, more importantly, the fact that armor is sectioned means that you can take the most damage by rotating your hull as you are being hit. Set up keys to rotate hull in your keyboard config so that you can rotate your hull while keeping your turret on target.

Vehicle Overview

Vehicle Overview

Standard Vehicles

These are the standard fighting vehicles in Terra and are available at every type of fort within the game.

Rhino Main Battle Tank


The Rhino is the most versatile weapon available on Terra. It has good defensive strength - both in armor and speed - and has a wide selection of weapons to choose from. The Main Gun can be loaded with both Depleted Uranium Penetrator (DUP) and High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rounds (as well as capacity for a single MAG round if you happen to come across one on the battlefield). It is also armed with both Heat-Seeking (HSM) and Laser-Designated (LDM) missiles. A Machine Gun (MACH) rounds out the weapon load.

The Rhino has good cross-country performance and it's sealed ventilation system allows it to drive under water. The Rhino is even equipped with "Stealth" technology (Press STLTH on your Cockpit View dashboard or use Ctrl + S or 9 on the NumberPad to activate) which allows the tank to turn virtually invisible. The Rhino cannot move or fire its weapons while this feature is activated. The Rhino is the most commonly used fighting vehicle in Terra.

Goat Light Fighting Vehicle (Missile Goat)


The Goat is a lightly armored but fast attack vehicle. It has excellent cross-country mobility and is equipped with a flotation drive system which allows the Goat to drive across water. Its front and side armor can withstand single volley strikes from most weapon types, but the vehicle becomes very vulnerable when damaged since it loses much of its mobility. The most feared weapon of the Goat is the MAG (Magnetic Shaped Charge round) which gives this vehicle a "one hit kill" capability against most targets. The Missile Goat is also armed with a HSM Heat-Seeking Missile launcher, a PEL (Timed Detonation Mine) dispenser, and a Machine Gun.

The Goat has the same "Stealth" capability as the Rhino and is also equipped with Night Vision gear (Ctrl + N) which allows the driver to view thermal sources such as vehicles and Communications Pylons with greater clarity in the smoke of battle.

Upgraded Vehicles

These vehicles are only available at the various beachheads and Outland forts. Not every type of vehicle is available at every fort type.

Shrike Attack Helicopter


The light and maneuverable Shrike is a finesse weapon in the hands of a skilled warrior. Nimble and quick, the Shrike excels at hit-and-run attacks. Since they cannot take much damage and survive, Shrike pilots will seek to surprise their enemy with stealthy attacks from unexpected directions. Their HSM Heat-Seeking missiles can lock on to vehicles over the crest of hills and their LDM Laser-Designated missiles can lock on to distant targets.

Buffalo Self-Propelled Artillery Vehicle


The Buffalo is the long-range artillery weapon of Terra. It is heavily armored but very slow. It is only capable of entering very shallow water. Its primary weapon is the Howitzer (HOW) which is capable of firing at targets up to 15km away. The Buffalo is also equipped with an LDM (Laser Designated Missile) launcher and a Machine Gun for self-defense. The primary role of the Buffalo is bombardment of fixed defenses at enemy Castles in preparation for/support of a frontal attack by other vehicles.

Advanced Vehicles

These vehicles are available only at "Beachhead Plus", "Super Beachheads", and Outland Castles.

Scarab Reconnaissance Vehicle


The Scarab is a lightly armored, but highly mobile vehicle with very long range. It has the ability to drive across water using its flotation drive system. The Scarab is typically used in the Outlands both for searching for enemy Castles and for finding locations to build attack MBs in the Outlands. It's armed with a rapid-fire laser cannon and a PEL (Timed Detonation Mine) dispenser. These weapons do give the Scarab some combat effectiveness against aircraft, lightly armored vehicles or slow-moving vehicles, but their own light armor makes them highly vulnerable to heavy weapons. Only effective use of terrain and the high mobility of the Scarab give the driver any hope of facing a heavy combat vehicle in battle. Scarabs are equipped with the same "Stealth" technology as the Rhino and M-Goat.

Muskrat Light Fighting Vehicle (Rocket Goat)


This is a slightly modified version of the Standard "Missile" Goat. The HSM launcher has been replaced with Rockets (ROCK) to give this vehicle a heavier punch against hardened targets. The Muskrat is NOT equipped with Night Vision. The Muskrat is commonly used in the final stages of attacks on Outland Castles when the fixed defenses are in a weakened condition. Their speed and mobility makes them a difficult target for the enemy to hit, while their Rockets give them the ability to punch through any fixed defenses that may stand between them and the Communication Pylons.

Jackal Light Assault Vehicle


The Jackal is an up-armored version of the Muskrat (Rocket Goat). It trades speed for greater protection so that it can survive where a Muskrat would quickly be destroyed. It is usually used in the middle of massed attacks against enemy Castles where the defenses have not yet been neutralized, but there is enough confusion for a daring assault vehicle to race in and shoot an opponent's pylons.

Armadillo Heavy Tank


The Armadillo is more heavily armored than the Rhino but sacrifices speed and mobility for this added protection. It packs a serious punch with a Plasma Cannon (PLAS) and a Rocket Launcher (ROCK) as well as a PEL (Timed Detonation Mine) dispenser. It does however lack any guided weapons and can find itself somewhat vulnerable to attack by aircraft. ‘Dillos are typically used as heavy assault vehicles in attacks on Clan-built Outland Castles and AI bot versions can often be found protecting these bases.

Aardvark Assault Vehicle


The Aardvark is a heavily armored vehicle designed for direct assaults on enemy Castle defenses. Its dual rocket launchers unleash punishing amounts of damage against fixed defenses and any vehicles that get in its path. An HSM launcher helps defend against enemy Goats trying to sneak in and MAG the slow-moving vehicle.

Weasel Anti-Aircraft Vehicle


Using a Rhino chassis, the Weasel AA-Vehicle is a deadly adversary for enemy aircraft. Its Laser-Designated Missiles, rapid-fire Laser Cannon, and Machine Guns can quickly knock any unwary aircraft out of the sky. However, other than its MAGs, it has very limited defenses against other land vehicles. Weasels are most effective when used in strategic locations to cover an assault and pick-off targets from a safe distance.

Bison Self-Propelled Artillery Vehicle


The Bison is an up-armored version of the Buffalo artillery weapon. It is designed for use in areas where enemy activity is expected. It carries fewer rounds of ammunition for its Howitzer, but it is more effective against enemy vehicles due to its powerful Rocket launcher.

Beaver Engineering Vehicle


The Beaver is a vital piece of equipment in the Outlands. It is reasonable well armored for protection and is armed with a HEAT-equipped main gun, a Machine Gun, and a PEL dispenser. It's primary asset however is the large amount of cash and construction equipment the vehicle carries. It's unique equipment make it the only vehicle capable of constructing massive structures such as Castles and Power Plants.


Bloodbat Bomber


The Bloodbat is a mainstay of AI bot defenses at both Beachhead and Outland Castles. It has fair speed and firepower being armed with both heavy Bombs (BOMB) and Rockets (ROCK). It however is vulnerable to guided weapons like the HSM and LDM and has no similar weapons to use in its defense. It is not commonly used by human warriors but ignoring Bloodbats could lead to a nasty surprise!

Phoenix Fixed-Wing Fighter


Air-to-Air combat is not common in Terra but that is the role of the Phoenix fighter. Armed with both a Heavy Laser (LAS) and Laser Designated Missiles (LDMs) the Phoenix is very well equipped to target and destroy any enemy aircraft it encounters. Like all aircraft however, the Phoenix is very lightly armored and vulnerable to ground fire from both missiles and Machine Guns. In the absence of much use in its intended role the Phoenix has often been drafted into service as a recon scout vehicle. With its excellent range and high speed it is able to cover lots of terrain in a short period of time.

Falcon Attack Helicopter


The Falcon is a greatly feared weapon... but has also caused the deaths of many inexperienced pilots! Lightly armored but agile, the Falcon operates best when hugging the low spots in the terrain and searching for unsuspecting enemies. Since they cannot take much damage and survive, Shrike pilots will seek to destroy their enemy with a massive volley of firepower on their first pass so that there is no return fire to fear! The Falcon carries the deadly ATC (Airborne Thermal Charge) and unguided Rockets (ROCK). Together they represent a large amount of firepower with a good area effect.


Barracuda Escort Ship


The 'Cuda is reasonably well armored and has good speed. It mounts the same Main Gun as the Rhino (both DUP and HEAT rounds), a Laser, MAG shaped-charge rounds, and Depth Charges for attacking underwater targets. While obviously limited by its inability to travel on land (it will be destroyed if you accidentally strike the shoreline) the 'Cuda is very useful for battles around islands. The Main Gun and MAGs can be used to take out enemy ships, the Laser can be used to shoot down enemy aircraft, and the Depth Charges are ideal for attack enemy vehicles traveling underwater.

Piranha Assault Ship


The Piranha is designed for assaults against enemy coastal defenses. Its powerful Plasma Cannon can devastate enemy fortifications while its heavy armor helps protect it against return fire. A laser cannon is useful for defending against enemy aircraft, and Depth Charges can be dropped on enemy vehicles seeking to hide under the surface of the water.

Stingray Light Assault Ship


The quick and light Stingray is an effective raiding vessel. It is armed with rockets for attacking enemy units along the shoreline while it uses its MAGs to target other enemy ships. It can also drop a string of PELs in its wake to destroy heavier vessels seeking to come after it. A Laser Cannon for air defense rounds out its weapon load.

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