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Tactical Tip: While you can determine which friendlies are on your frequency by typing @f and hitting the Enter key, this will not list hostile listeners. During coordinated clan assaults, use radio communications with extreme caution, and switch frequencies often. You can page your clan and your allies to the new frequency with the page command @p.

Weapon Overview

Weapon Overview

The following is a brief overview of the various weapon types available to Terran warriors. Not every weapon is available in every vehicle. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The tactics for each are a little different and take time to master. The description of each weapon type includes the default keyboard short-cut to select that weapon beside the name. These (and any other) keyboard short-cuts can be customized to your own preferences using the "Key Bindings" tool.

Main Gun (DUP or HEAT)


Default key bindings: F6 DUP; F7 HEAT

The High-Velocity Main Gun is the primary weapon of the Rhino MBT (and the Barracuda Escort Ship). It fires unguided shells and has a maximum range of 1,800m. It can be loaded with two different types of shell - a Depleted Uranium Penetrator (DUP) which is effective against any armor type (most effective at ranges less than 300m) and a High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) round which is also effective against any type of armor, but loses effectiveness at ranges of less than 300m. You aim and fire the Main Gun by centering the Gun Reticule on your screen on your target and pressing your "Fire" button (Left Mouse Click or Joystick Button #1).

Laser Designated Missile (LDM)


Default key binding: F10 or Home

The LDM is a "fire and forget" missile that locks on to its target once it has been "painted" with your laser designator (Right-Click your mouse on the target). The LDM launch rack can fire three missiles in a row before it must reload (taking about 3 seconds). A beep and a yellow inverted triangle indicator will appear over your target to confirm your weapon lock. Any LDMs you fire while you have target lock will home in on the target as long as they remain in line of sight. LDMs have a minimum arming range of 50m and cannot engage targets closer than this distance. If you fire your missiles without "painting" the target first they will simply fire at your aiming point and miss their target (unless you were aiming directly at a target when you fired).

Heat Seeking Missile (HSM)


Default key binding: F9 or End

The HSM is also a "fire and forget" weapon but unlike the LDM it uses a passive Heat-Seeking sensor to lock on to a target's heat signature. When you select this weapon the sensor will automatically search for and lock on to the strongest heat signature in the direction your turret is facing. The driver has no ability to override the sensor to choose between different heat sources. HSM lock is indicated by a green square symbol over the locked target. HSMs can even lock on to targets outside your line of sight (e.g. over hills or behind buildings). Firing this weapon is the same as the LDM. Once lock is established you may fire up to three missiles before the rack must be reloaded. HSMs have a minimum range of 100m and cannot lock on targets closer than this distance. Unlike LDMs if you do not have an active HSM lock you cannot fire these missiles. Beware that HSMs may lock on to wrecks in addition to live vehicles so some players may hide behind wrecks in order to fool enemies into wasting their HSMs.

Machine Gun (MACH)

Default key binding: F12 or 1

This weapon is moderately effective against vehicles at ranges under 500m. It is best used against lightly armored vehicles (such as the Goat, Scarab or various Aircraft) or in combination with other weapons against more heavily armored targets. The Machine Gun however is highly useful for shooting and destroying the Communications Pylons that control enemy Castles (within 100m to be effective). Mouse/Keyboard users can aim their MG using their mouse cursor while Joystick users aim using the Gun Reticule on the screen. You can use your Keyboard Bindings feature to set custom keys to "Fire at Cursor" and "Fire at Reticule".

Magnetic Shaped Charge (MAG)


Default key binding: F8 or PgUp

The MAG is an unguided round with an effective range of 500m. When this round strikes its target it begins drilling through the target's armor and then explodes inside the vehicle - destroying it instantly. When a MAG round strikes your vehicle your on-board computer will advise you that "there is a foreign object on our hull". The one drawback of the MAG is that the firing vehicle must remotely detonate the explosive once it has penetrated the target's armor. If the firing vehicle is destroyed prior to this point the charge will NOT detonate. Once the MAG round has completed drilling the target will hear a series of "beeps" and most of their electronic control systems will shut down just prior to the vehicle being destroyed.

Plasma Cannon (PLAS)

Default key binding: Ctrl + A

The Plasma Cannon is a high-energy weapon mounted on the Armadillo Heavy Tank and the Piranha Assault Ship. It is effective at all ranges and against all types of armor. It not only inflicts heavy damage when directly hitting a target, it is also an "area effect" weapon - doing damage to any vehicle or structure near the point of impact. It is particularly damaging against light vehicles. One of its primary uses is against the fixed defenses of Outland Castles.

Rockets (ROCK)


Default key binding: Ctrl + R

These hydrogen-propelled, unguided rockets are effective against most types of armor and are used in both a ground-to-ground and air-to-ground role in Terran battles. They are an "area effect" weapon and will cause damage to any targets within their strike area. They are extremely effective against both lightly armored vehicles and fixed Castle defenses. Rockets are aimed with the mouse cursor or the Gun Reticule (for Joystick users). Rockets are mounted on racks so that a volley of six can be fired in a row before the weapon rack must be reloaded.

Timed Detonation Mine (PEL)


Default key binding: F5 or PgDn

The PEL is a time-delayed land mine used by light combat vehicles in Terra. This powerful explosive is placed on the ground as the vehicle is driving and automatically explodes after a short time delay. The weapon will damage any vehicle nearby when it explodes so it is very important for users to clear the area as quickly as possible when using this weapon.

Airborne Thermal Charge (ATC)

Default key binding: Ctrl + O

The ATC is a powerful type of bomb carried by the Falcon Attack Helicopter. The weapon descends slowly but explodes with a massive amount of damage to every target in the area. When dropped with skill from low altitude the ATC is capable of destroying most targets with a single strike but the pilot must be extremely careful to quickly move to maximum altitude in order to avoid dying in the blast as well!

Laser (LAS)

Default key binding: Ctrl + Z

The laser is a light weapon with a high rate of fire. Like the MG it can be aimed with either the mouse cursor or the Gun Reticule (if using a Joystick). The laser is effective at long ranges and is quite useful against airborne targets. The laser can fire a total of ten shots before it must recharge.

Howitzer (HOW)

Default key binding: F11

The Howitzer mounted on the Buffalo and Bison Self-Propelled Artillery Vehicles is a long-range artillery weapon used primarily for attacking fixed defensive positions in the Outlands. The HOW is aimed by selecting a target point on the vehicles SAT Map. The weapon has a minimum range of 2km and can strike targets up to 15km away. It is an "area effect" weapon and will cause damage to any target - friend or foe - in its target area. The Howitzer can only be fired from a stable position so the Buffalo is not able to move when the weapon is deployed.

Bombs (BOMB)


Default key binding: Ctrl + O

Aerial Bombs are used exclusively by the Bloodbat Heavy Bomber. They are an unguided weapon that does great damage in their area of effect. Like the Falcon's ATC, Bloodbat pilots must be careful not to fly too low and get caught in the blast of their own bombs.

Depth Charges (DC)

Depth Charge

Default key binding: Ctrl + O

Depth charges are used by ships to destroy vehicles traveling under water. Similar to bombs, they take a long time to reach the ocean floor and detonate so great skill is required to hit targets that are at any great depth below the surface.