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Tactical Tip: You can fire with your left mouse button while you are dragging with your right button - a deadly combination.

Building Overview

Building Overview

Permanent Forts

There are various permanent forts in Terra which are described below:

The Dregs and The Sump

Dregs and Sump

The Dregs and Sump are forts have been converted into bars and act as forts of last resort for destitute or beginning warriors and Clans. You can always buy a vehicle (Rhino Main Battle Tank or Goat-M Light Fighting Vehicle) at these forts, and the Clan Council will subsidize your purchase.

Standard Beachhead Forts


These are the most common type of Beachhead fort in Terra. Like all Beachheads, these forts carry a "bounty", which is transferred to the fort when it is taken by a new Clan. It is paid by the Clan Council in return for the agreement of all Clans not to destroy these vital centers and not to interfere with the important economic activities of their residents. A L10,000 bounty is paid for the capture of Standard Beachheads. These forts have limited defense capabilities; they have a fixed complement of AI robot defenders, mostly Rhino Main Battle Tanks. The types of vehicles available for purchase at Standard Beachheads is limited to the Rhino, the Goat, the Buffalo self-propelled artillery vehicle, and the Shrike light recon helicopter.

Enhanced Beachheads

Enhanced Beachhead

There are two types of enhanced Beachheads. The "Beachhead Plus" has a more aggressive mix of robot defenders than a Standard Beachhead (including the Goat-M Light Fighting Vehicle). Their AI controllers are also more advanced which makes them more challenging opponents. These Beachheads also have a much wider range of vehicle types available for purchase. As a result, a Beachhead Plus will earn a bounty of L30,000.

There are also a couple of "Super Beachheads" in Terra. These forts have even tougher AI defenders (including the Armadillo Heavy Battle Tank). These Super Beachheads are also the only permanent locations where players can purchase the Beaver Heavy Construction and Recon Vehicle and the "Falcon" Attack Helicopter. Capturing a Super Beachhead will earn you a bounty of L60,000.

The Berserker Forts

Beserker Fort

Berserker Forts are special tournament forts created for the general use and recreation of the Outland Clans. Berserkers are free-for-all warrior-to-warrior arenas where Frats (friendly kills) don't count, so you can shoot away at anything that moves. There is currently a Rhino Berserker, where you can purchase only Rhino Main Battle Tanks, a Goat_Berserker which is used for contests using the Goat series of Light Combat Vehicles, and Waterworks which is used for combat using ships. The land-based berserkers are both surrounded by an impenetrable repulsor network designed to keep outsiders from interfering with the competitions (and weak-hearted competitors from fleeing the field of battle!). Berserker forts do not have robot defenders. These areas are for player-vs-player combat only.

The Training Clan Home Forts

Training Clan Home Fort

Both the Amok and DesertRats Clans have their permanent home forts located beside the BootCamp training area. These forts can be used as a safe base of operations for new players operating in and around the BootCamp area.

Player-built Fortresses

In addition to the permanent forts and Beachhead areas where the warriors of Terra spend much of their time earning cash, there are player-built fortresses in the Outlands as well.

Mobile Bases

Mobile Base

A Mobile Base (or "MB") is the smaller of the two types of forts available to Outland Clans (the other being the Castle). They are cheaper than Castles but also less powerful. They are usually used either to establish a presence in a new area of the map (as a recon base) or are built as close as possible (6.0km) from an enemy Castle to act as an attack platform to capture the Castle. Each mobile base is self-powered and once completed is capable of FARPing any type of vehicle available in Terra (excluding the Beaver). An MB's treasury can hold a maximum of L200,000 and there are a total of 16 defense slots available to build fixed defenses (either Thugs, Reps or a Radar). Mobile Bases have two Control Pylons. Just like the Beachhead Castles, an MB can be captured from an enemy Clan by shooting both of these Control Pylons.



Castles are larger than a Mobile Base (4 Pylons and a L1,000,000 treasury) and unlike an MB, require an outside power source to operate. This power can be provided by building a dedicated Power Plant inside the "ring" of the Castle (within 500m), or by building the Castle as part of a "Grid" of other Castles. Any group of Castles that are all within at least 12km of each other are able to "share" the power generated by a single Power Plant. Beware though, that should a Castle ever be disconnected from its power supply (through the capture of the Power Plant equipped Castle or a Castle "linking" it to the Power Plant), it will lose all ability to power its defenses or FARP any vehicles! Castles have more slots that can be allocated to building fixed defenses than a Mobile Base (21 instead of 16) and also have the ability to deploy up to seven AI bots to aid in its defense. Any type of vehicle can be purchased from a Castle (as long as there is cash available of course!).

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