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Tactical Tip: To do a 180° turn in a Shrike, first get up to full speed (either forward or reverse), and then use your keyboard or joystick to immediately turn and move in the opposite direction. Your Shrike will start to slow down, and then spin rapidly around.

Cash and Construction

Cash and Construction

Killing bots, earning cash and fighting other players at the Beachheads is only a small part of what Terra has to offer. Beyond the permanent Beachhead areas of Terra are the massive expanses of the Outlands. This is where the various Outland Clans build their own Castles and try to capture those of their enemies in the battle for supremacy!

Depositing, Withdrawing and Moving your Cash

Now that you've learned to earn cash by capturing Beachheads you need to be able to make use of it. As you fight around the Beachheads you will be able to SUP the wrecks of destroyed vehicles for their armor, ammo and fuel. These wrecks will often also contain cash that will be taken into your vehicle. You can deposit this cash into a nearby Castle by driving within the "circle" of the Castle on your map (within 500m) and using the @deposit (@d) Radio Command. This will deposit all the cash you are currently carrying into that Castle. If you wish to deposit only a portion of your on-board cash just add the amount to be deposited to the command (e.g. @d 10000). Be careful not to deposit cash into an enemy Castle, BootCamp, Dregs, or Sump or you will not be able to get it back!

Withdrawing cash from a Castle is done using the @withdraw (@w) command. Just type @w amount and that amount will be withdrawn from the Castle and placed in your vehicle (e.g. @w 25000). You obviously can't withdraw more cash than the Castle contains and each vehicle type has a limit on how much cash they can carry.

The next thing is to learn how to move your money from place to place. You can simply use a variation of the standard @evac Radio Command. Simply add the amount of cash you wish to move between the evac command and your destination (e.g. @evac 60000 CastleName). Castles can hold a maximum of L1,000,000 while a Mobile Base can hold up to L200,000.

Note however that you cannot evac to a Castle or MB that is still under construction. In order to go to (and deposit cash into) these incomplete buildings you must use the @observe (@o) command. This command will bring your evac Vulture to a hover just outside your incomplete Castle (e.g. @o 100000 MyCastle will bring you to "MyCastle" with L100,000 inside your Vulture). You can then deposit any cash that your helicopter is carrying using the @deposit (@d) command.

Building in the Outlands

Clans build their own Mobile Bases ("MB's") and Castles in order to take control of the Outlands. These buildings can be defended with their own AI bots as well as fixed defenses. Clans are in a constant struggle to both out-build their opponents as well as to locate and capture their enemy's fortifications. This is the ultimate goal in Terra. Castles and Mobile Bases require an initial down-payment to begin their construction and an additional balance of cash before they can be completed. You can build these structures anywhere you wish in the Outlands as long as they are at least 25km away from the permanent Beachhead/Training areas and at least 6km away from any other Castle or MB.

Construction of any building in the Outlands follows the same basic series of Radio Commands. An initial command (different for each structure type... @base for MBs and @survey for Castles) is used to place a holographic image of the structure you wish to build on your screen. You then click your screen with your mouse to select where you want your structure to be placed in the landscape. The construction process is completed by using the @build command (use @build MyFortName when building a Castle or a Mobile Base to give your fortress whatever name you wish). You can cancel the construction process at any time by using the @stop Radio Command. Remember, you must have at least enough money for the structure's Down Payment on board your vehicle in order to begin construction of any building.

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