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Tactical Tip: Stealth mode does not make your vehicle totally invisible, and you can be killed while stealth is engaged. It is best to use stealth in hilly areas where visibility is limited by terrain.

The Clans

The Clans

Joining A Clan

Clans are the main strategic, tactical, social and economic structures in Terra. Only Clans, not individuals, can own assets like forts and accumulate money in Terra. When you first enter Terra, you are assigned by default to one of the two Founding Clans (DesertRats or Amok). As soon as you feel comfortable however, you should join one of the real, player-led Outland Clans and engage in the real battle for the Outlands.

Pledging a Clan

Once you have decided which Clan you would like to join, you will need to "pledge" that Clan and be accepted by that Clan's Chieftain. To do this, logon to the Terra website, then click on your player name in "Logged in as" box near the upper right. Then click on the "Pledge Clan" link at the bottom of the red box on your player page. Select the Clan you wish to join from the drop-down box and press the "Submit Pledge" button. Once you have submitted your pledge, an automated email is sent to the Clan Chieftain informing them of your pledge. After the Clan Chieftain accepts your pledge, you will officially belong to that Clan.

Belonging to a Clan

As a member of a Clan, you should be aware of the following:

  • Clans measure their wealth in terms of the number of assets (forts) they own and the amount of Lukers (cash) they have. The Council of Clans, in their bureaucratic style, keeps an up-to-date ranking. This can be found in the "Economics" section of the "Rankings" tab.
  • Every fort in Terra is owned by a Clan. You can evac to any of your Clan's forts, program the AI bot defenders, build defenses around them, and even build new forts.
  • Clans form alliances with each other. To do this, a member of each Clan must issue an @friend [other clan name] command. Once allied, Clan members have full access to each other's forts. Robots consider allies friends. If you have allied with another Clan and they have not allied with you, members of their Clan are considered "Turncoats" by you. Members of your Clan are considered "Gudgeons" by them.
  • Members of your own Clan and allied Clans are considered friends. Killing a member of your own Clan is considered a "Frat" and counted against you in your statistics. Members of non-allied Clans are, in the typical Terran tradition, considered enemies. Killing a member of another Clan is considered a Kill.


Every Terran warrior belongs to a Clan. Some Clans have many members, some have only a few (or even just one!). Once you achieve the rank of Major you can set out on your own and start a Clan. Make sure you have plenty of experience, and plenty of allies. To create your new Clan, click on the "Game Functions" tab at the top of the screen and select "Create Clan" under the "Warrior Functions" heading. Simply select a unique Clan name and click the "Create Clan" button.

Rank and Privileges of Clan Members

By default, all privileges are bestowed by rank. The privileges include the ability to move the pylons at your Outland forts, withdraw money, build fuel and ammo dumps, build defenses at your forts, form alliances with other Clans and build new forts. As a Chieftain, you can bestow and revoke specific privileges to any member of your Clan. This is often useful when you want to accept a warrior that you don't know well enough to fully trust, or when you want to reward a particularly loyal Clan member. Privileges are bestowed and revoked on the "Game Functions" tab. A warrior who changes Clans has all privileges reset to the default values conferred by rank until the Chieftain of the new Clan chooses to change them. The default privilege rank levels are as follows:

  • You earn rank in Terra by increasing your Net Kills.
  • Net Kills equal Kills minus the sum of KIAs and Frats.
  • Kill is awarded for every enemy vehicle you destroy.
  • KIA (Killed in Action) is counted against you every time your vehicle is destroyed.
  • Frat (Fraternal Kill) is counted against you every time you destroy a vehicle driven by a member of your own Clan.

Terran Battle Ranks

Rank Net Kills Insignia Default Privileges
Emperor 500,000 Emperor
Warlord 100,000 Warlord
Commander in Chief 50,000 Commander In Chief
Clan High Commander 20,000 Clan High Commander
FM of the Clan Army 10,000 FM of the Clan Army
Field Marshall 7,500 Field Marshall
General 5,000 General
Lieutenant General 3,000 Lieutenant General
Brigadier 2,000 Brigadier
Colonel 1,000 Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel 750 Lieutenant Colonel
Major 500 Major form clans, transfer forts, designate home
Captain 300 Captain build forts, powerplants & mobilebases
First Lieutenant 250 First Lieutenant form alliances
Second Lieutenant 200 Second Lieutenant build defenses
Sergeant First Class 150 Sergeant First Class build fuel & ammo dumps
Sergeant 100 Sergeant withdraw money
Corporal 50 Corporal
Lance Corporal 20 Lance Corporal
Trooper 10 Trooper
Recruit 0 Recruit

Note: A Clan Chieftain can override these defaults and revoke or bestow any privilege (except Clan-forming) to any Clan Member regardless of rank. Explanation of Privileges

Form Clans: To form your own clan (once you reach the appropriate rank), go to the Game Functions section.

(Note: @ commands are available from the menu inside your vehicle)

Transfer Forts: @transfer [fort name] [clan name] transfers ownership of one of your forts to another clan.

Build forts, power plants, mobilebases and radars: Build forts to establish your empire in the Outland. Power plants enable purchase of vehicles at Clan Forts. Mobilebases are used to launch attacks against other clans' forts and radars to find foe structures.

Form alliances: @friend [clan name] will ally you with another clan (they need to give the same command to activate the alliance). Allied clans freely share all their resources.

Build defenses: @rep and @thug build the repulsor pole and turret ("thug") fort defenses.

Build ammo and fuel dumps: @ammo for an ammo dump, @fuel for a fuel dump.

Aquiring Information

As Chieftain you will need to be aware of the status of opposing (and friendly) Clans. Use the "Battle Reports" tab on the website to view such information as who is currently online, what forts are under attack or recently captured, etc. The "Rankings" tab will show the current rankings of both the various Clans and individual warriors in the game using a variety of statistics. You can also use the "Live Map" tab to access a map of Terra showing all of your forts as well as any enemy forts that you have found in the Outlands.

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