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Tactical Tip: While you can determine which friendlies are on your frequency by typing @f and hitting the Enter key, this will not list hostile listeners. During coordinated clan assaults, use radio communications with extreme caution, and switch frequencies often. You can page your clan and your allies to the new frequency with the page command @p.




Terran money is denominated in Lukers. Lukers are thin clay tablets, cast by the Council of Clans from a secret mud pit near one of the remote Terran lakes. This special mud enables Lukers to be thin enough that they can be carried in reasonable quantities and still resist breakage from the constant battle pounding that all Terran vehicles endure.

Earning Lukers

The forts around The Dregs, The Sump and DesertRats/Amok Home are called Beachheads. They are specially constructed by the Council (some say from the same mud they used to cast Lukers) and are indestructible. Whenever a Beachhead fort falls to another Clan, its treasury is subsidized to bring it up to L10,000 (or L30,000 for Enhanced Beachheads, or L60,000 for Super Beachheads).

Salvage Values

Most Terran objects have a salvage value, typically 75% of the original cost. If you drive up on the wreck of a destroyed vehicle or fort and press SUP (0 on your NumPad), you get the salvage value as well as any Lukers left.

Transporting Lukers

Most Terran vehicles can carry Lukers. The amount you are carrying is indicated on your control panel Luker Indicator. The monetary sign for Luker is a capital "L". Thus, 2,000 Lukers is commonly written as L2,000. The maximum capacities for each vehicle are:

Armadillo, Buffalo, Rhino, Scarab40,000
Aardvark, Armadillo, Buffalo, Bison, Goat, Jackal, Muskrat, Weasel25,000
Bloodbat, Falcon, Phoenix, Shrike20,000

You can take Lukers with you in a Vulture by issuing an evac-cash command: @e [amount] [destination]. The Vulture pilots will ensure the money is carried and deposited when you arrive. If you are shot down, the Lukers remain in the Vulture carcass, subject to salvage.

Storing Lukers

All Terran forts have a treasury which can hold Lukers.

Mobile Base200,000

Lukers can be deposited in a fort by driving up next to it, or to its FARP, and executing the deposit command @d on your radio.

Withdrawing can be done by any member of a friendly clan with the rank of Sergeant or above. To withdraw lukers from the fort treasury, drive up next to the fort or its FARP and issue the withdraw command: @w [amount]. The Lukers will be transferred to your vehicle.

All clans also have a private clan bank, which is accessible when you are in or near your clan's home fort. All clan members can deposit into the clan bank, but only clan members that have the "bank" privilege can withdraw from a clan bank. Use @bank to check the balance, @bank deposit [amount] to deposit, and @bank withdraw [amount] to withdraw.

Construction Costs

Construction cost, including material and labor costs as well as completion schedules:

Item Cost Down Payment Balance Completion
Fort 250,000 50,000 200,000 80 minutes
Mobile Base 50,000 25,000 25,000 20 minutes
Fort Defenses, Etc.
Power Plant 150,000 50,000 100,000 80 minutes
Radar 100,000 25,000 75,000 30 minutes
Repulsor 2,000 200 1,800 30 minutes
Thug 3,200 1,000 2,200 30 minutes
Free-standing Structures
Crate 5,000
Ammo Dump 10,000
Fuel Dump 10,000
Aardvark 5,000
Armadillo 5,000
Barracuda 7,500
Beaver 7,500
Bison 5,000
Bloodbat 5,000
Buffalo 3,750
Falcon 5,000
Goat 1,250
Jackal 3,750
Hippo 5,000
Muskrat 2,500
Phoenix 2,500
Piranha 7,500
Rhino 2,500
Scarab 1,250
Shrike 3,750
Stingray 5,000
Weasel 5,000
Robot/AI Defense Units
Robot Armadillo 1,875
Robot BloodBat 2,500
Robot Buffalo 1,875
Robot Goat 625
Robot Rhino 1,250

Fort Defense Costs

Thugs, Repulsors, and Power Plants require a down payment to begin construction. Lukers sufficient to cover the down payment must be in your vehicle. Lukers to complete the construction are taken from the fort treasury. When defenses are damaged, Lukers are taken from the treasury to complete the repairs. Once destroyed, repair is impossible. If the treasury is empty, no repairs occur.

Paying for Vehicles

In order to buy a vehicle at a fort, you must have enough Lukers in the fort treasury to pay for the vehicle. When you buy the vehicle, Lukers are taken from the fort treasury and given to the Terran arms dealers. If you don't have enough money in the treasury, you can't by a vehicle. The only exception to this rule is when buying vehicles at Dregs, Sump, BootCamp, Amok_Home, DesertRats_Home, and the Berserker forts. The Council of Clans pays for vehicles purchased in these forts.

Paying for Robot Defenders

Robot defenders are replaced about ten minutes after being destroyed. The cost to replace a destroyed defender is taken from the treasury. If there are no Lukers, destroyed robots will not be replaced.


The Council of Clans is inept at almost everything except their ability to tax Terrans. They run a crude, but effective banking system.

Property Tax

Each fort must pay a property tax. The property value of a fort is the value of the fort and all defenses (including power plants) which belong to the fort. Value is the total value of a thing less any damage or unfinished construction. Unfinished forts are not taxed. Only property is taxed. The tax rate is set by the Clan Council.

Fort Maintenance Tax

Forts and their defenses require a minimum balance of L50,000 in the fort treasury, or they begin to decay. Unless the treasury is above the minimum balance, every three hours, the defense furthest from the fort disintegrates. If there are no defenses, the fort itself disintegrates, unless the fort has a Power Plant, in which case the fort itself is spared.

Destroyed and Unsalvaged Vehicle Recovery

When a vehicle is destroyed, the difference between its purchase price and its salvage value is recovered by the Council of Clans and put into the Dregs or Sump treasury. Unsalvaged carcasses are also recovered after about 30 minutes and their value returned the same way. This highly efficient recycling enables the BootCamp, Berserker, Dregs and Sump forts to be run at very little cost.

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