History of Terra

The Bering Impact: The Bering Impact

The Clans: AmokDesert RatsThe Clans

The Hierarchy: The Hierarchy

Log: USS Nirvana: Ordered Cpt. Olsen to initiate phase two of Vault terraforming. Phase one has completed and the melted ice caps have created lakes and oceans that cover a large section of the changing landscape. The phase two atmospheric enhancement will make survival outside the Nirvana and the shelters possible. However, due to the risk of uncontrolled volcanic activity caused by deep core drilling and detonation, the 300 colonists of the Nirvana are all being placed in the reinforced subterranean shelters rather than with the Nirvana on the surface.

Maj. Willion Trakker, Commander
Jan 7, 2068

The Clans

The Clans

Birth Of The Clans

The clans formed because of the natural human desire to belong. In the wake of the disastrous final terraforming sequence, wandering survivors encountered one another, joined forces to fight for meager resources, to gain an anchor in the faceless new terrain. As advanced weaponry came to be the focus of power, gangs, cells and cabals formed. Some of these were based upon inherited blood, others on spilled blood. Some say men of power came from the desert, bringing the first Rhinos, urging the organization of the survivors into two warring camps, the Feuding Clans, who carry on their bloody battles to this very day.

Amok & The Desert Rats

No-one knows how the Great Feud really began. But No-one isn't telling. Neither is No-body. The respective chieftains of Amok and Desert Rats, Major No-one and Major No-body, are too busy spitting vitriol at their former brethren across the charred wasteland of their discontent. For 20 years the war has waged, and each side has their own version of the events. What IS clear, is that both sides seem to be supplied with never-ending stores of destructive weaponry, and neither side ever seems to gain a decisive advantage.

Note: The prime mission of new Terran warriors is to learn enough to get out of these hopeless training clans as soon as possible and get recruited into a real clan by one of the Outland Chieftains.

The Outland Clans

Disgusted with the obsessive, never-ending quarrel of the Great Feud, many warriors have left over the years and ventured into the uncharted territory known as The Outlands. There, joined by banished outcasts, ambitious schemers and other malcontents, these warriors have formed renegade clans who answer to no master but their own. They pay taxes (grudgingly) and obey the rules (occasionally) of the Council of Clans, who control the Terran economy and the flow of its currency, clay tablets known as Lukers. Once your training is complete, it is here, in the savage Outlands that you will fight for glory for yourself and glory for your clan.

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