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Title: Red-faced Officials Announce Recall!
Post by: Kent Clark on February 02, 2011, 05:33:30 PM
Embarrassed OP4 officials have been forced to recall a number of the newly upgraded combat vehicles just released with great fanfare to the warriors of Terra.  Dozens of "Weasel" Anti-Aircraft vehicles are the subject of the recall.  Faulty floatation systems and improperly calibrated laser targeting units have been blamed for this incident.

Spokesmen for the Crisis Committee are trying to downplay this error by saying that such minor "glitches" are to be expected with any new weapon system.  Insiders however place the blame on OP4's attempts to rush unproven new vehicles into production in an attempt to deflect from the growing discontent being expressed by the Outland Clans over what is widely perceived to be mis-management by the leaders of the Crisis Committee. 

Kent Clark