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 on: December 20, 2010, 08:26:21 AM 
Started by Kent Clark - Last post by Kent Clark
Tremors continue to plague the areas around The Dregs and Sump beachhead areas resulting in the shifting of the foundations of some buildings from their long familiar locations.  This increased seismic activity has even forced the complete reconstruction of OP4's newest beachhead, Nuke, in a totally different (and hopefully more stable!) location.

Clan Council Representatives insist that these "disturbances" are completely natural and normal and that the people of Terra have nothing to fear.  However, unnamed sources have suggested to the Outland Inquirer that there is a link between this dramatic increase in earthquake activity and the sudden increase in mining operations in and around Clan Council controlled areas.

Are the extensive mines underlying the beachheads weakening the very land on which they sit?  Are the increasingly frequent and serious tremors being caused by massive amounts of ore being removed from the ground under our very feet?  Why the sudden increase in mining intensity anyway?  Is there any truth to the rumours that with the massive amount of construction in District 1 over the decades that OP4 is actually starting to run low on ore supplies?

The Clan Council of course denies any of these suggestions but the construction of Thugs and increased AI Bot patrols in the Beachhead areas indicate that OP4 IS worried about something.  The Agents of INS6 have been quiet in recent weeks since their sudden and violent resurgence earlier this fall.  This COULD be a possible explanation for OP4's increased activities but then again it might not.

This reporter vows to get to the bottom of this ongoing story.

Kent Clark

 on: November 25, 2010, 01:29:32 PM 
Started by Kent Clark - Last post by Kent Clark
Massive INS6 Raid Strikes The Dregs!

Agents from INS6 launched another suprise attack on the Dregs yesterday evening.  This raid seemed to be intentionally timed to strike when not many defenders were available to defend the Beachhead area.

Unlike the previous attack which relied heavily on naval forces and seemed to be focused on killing as many defenders as possible rather than actually holding ground, this purpose of this attack is less clear.

Strange, pyramid-shaped structures were constructed by the attacking Agents at various points in the Dregs area from which issued massive numbers of AI Bot attackers (primarily Buffalos and Armadillos).

While the defending warriors tried desperately to deal with the overwealming swarms of bots, a handful of Agents struck each of the Beachhead castles in turn and ended up occupying the entire Dregs area.  After a failed attempt to destroy the Dregs Powerplant the INS6 Agents vanished from the area leaving their hordes of bots and their attack structures to be dealt with by the defending warriors.

What was the purpose of this latest raid?  Why did the Agents depart after they had managed to gain control of the entire Dregs area?  How did they know how to time their attack when so few defenders were available to oppose them?

Clan Council officials deny suggestions that INS6 may have infiltrated the Clan Council and OP4 staffs and are downplaying reports that their R&D offices were raided during the attack.  Hippo Guild officials have also been seen inspecting the newly opened mining facilities in light of reports that fully-laden Hippos were seen leaving the area during the attacks.

Kent Clark

 on: November 24, 2010, 06:21:48 PM 
Started by Kent Clark - Last post by Kent Clark
Experimental Watercraft to be Tested!

Documents leaked to this reporter by sources close to the Clan Council indicate that secret agreements have been made with the shadowy Smugglers to obtain samples of some new, high-tech water vessels in a desperate effort to close the arms gap with INS6.

Panic is said to have swept through the upper levels of the Clan Council administration following the attempt by Agents to occupy The Dregs during the recent Anniversary celebrations.  Only the combined efforts of members from all the Outland Clans managed to defeat the advanced weapons fielded by INS6.  Powerful Agent-controlled warships have still been showing up occasionally in the area and causing havoc.

Fearful of losing control of the important Sea Lines Of Communication to a technologically superior INS6 navy, the Clan Council has turned to the Smugglers to obtain their own advanced naval weaponry.  Funding for this venture has come from the Hippo Guild and OP4 (and possibly other groups) who find their current positions threatened by the rising power of the Agents.  This may possibly explain the expanded mining operations that have been seen near The Dregs.

My sources tell me that several new classes of warships will be tested at the Waterworks facility over the next few days.  Trials are said to start on Thursday and continue through the weekend in order to evaluate the various new designs and test the new technologies.  Nobody is quite sure where the warriors will be found to pilot these new craft during the trials.

Clan Council spokespersons deny any dealings with the Smugglers and will only say that they are constantly undertaking research on new technologies and that there is nothing special at all going on at the moment.  In fact, the Council has declared a long holiday weekend starting Thursday in Thanksgiving to the brave warriors who helped defend The Dregs from the INS6 invaders.  They encourage everyone to spend the weekend quietly at home with their families and to ignore these silly rumours about weapons testing going on at The Waterworks.

In a related story, OP4 factories have started producing Goat combat vehicles mounting new, lightweight missiles and PEL mines which permit more weapons to be carried per vehicle.  Officials vehemently deny that this has anything to do with the reported payments to the Smugglers and insist that it is just part of the normal ongoing weapons research being conducted by OP4 scientists.

Kent Clark

 on: November 20, 2010, 05:41:44 AM 
Started by The EDITOR - Last post by The EDITOR
Press Release

Due to the great popularity of the new Dregs to Sump Superhighway project TerraCorp has decided to expand our state of the art transportation services into the Outlands.

An ever expanding series of high-speed transportation lines will be built throughout the Outlands and will be available for use to all Clans on a subscription use basis.  Construction and maintenance of these transportation links will be undertaken by the Terra Construction Company (TerraCon), a wholy owned subsidiary of TerraCorp.

A system map of TerraCon's transportation network will be posted and updated on this website.  Participating Clans will be able to purchase dedicated access to this network allowing them to quickly and securely move personnel and cash between the Beachhead forts and any of the access points they have purchased along the network.  TerraCon will maintain the transportation network in return for a nominal monthly maintenance fee.  Subscribers can also hire TerraCon to construct a dedicated transportation connection to one of their existing Outland assets.  There will be two levels of subscription to this Transportation Network.  Clans can choose to either purchase an access "Node" along the highway system or they can hire TerraCon to construct a custom route connecting one of their existing Outland assets.

Purchasing A Node

What you Get:
- A secure MB built by TerraCon outside of Radar range of any existing Outland Structures and transferred to your Clan.
- Your choice of Grid Square Placement.
- Unlimited Instant Travel between any Clan-held Beachhead and all Clan-owned Nodes on the Network.1
- Significantly shorter Vulture Trips between your Nodes and your other Outland Castles in the area.

- You will still have to finish your trips to your Castle by Vulture.
- L200,000 at a time cash movement limit (the maximum that will fit in an MB)

Purchasing a Custom Link

What you Get:
- A Private Connection to one of your existing Outland Castles
- Unlimited Instant Travel between any Clan-Held Beachhead, your Castle and any other Clan-owned Notes/Custom Links on the Network.
- No Limitations on Money, up to L1,000,000 can be run between Castles on the Grid.2
- Avoid Vultures all together!

- None!

1 Assuming that all assets in question are owned by the same Clan. Players cannot run between allied clans assets unless both assets are owned by that allied clan.
2 If more money is moved than the receiving asset can hold then the difference will be held back at the source asset.

In return for participation in this exciting new age of Vulture-free Outland transportation all subscribing Clans will agree to honour the neutrality of all network links and attached Nodes regardless of Clan affiliation.  They will also commit to assisting TerraCon in the defence of this vital infrastucture project.

As a special introductory offer every Clan which agrees to subscribe to this service will be eligible for one COMPLEMENTARY Node on the transportation network (regular monthly service rates still apply).  Furthermore, Clans wishing for a custom network link can receive their first connection at a special discounted price (some conditions apply).

Watch this website for exciting new information about this service as well as details of service rates as they become available.  Please contact any of the staff members of TerraCorp or TerraCon if you have any questions about this service or wish to become a subscriber.

TerraCon, bringing the Outlands to YOU!

 on: November 18, 2010, 05:50:08 PM 
Started by Kent Clark - Last post by Kent Clark
Wednesday evening's Anniversary celebrations at The Dregs were rudely interrupted by the sudden appearance of a massive INS6 warship off the coast of Nought.  This however was no mere nuisance raid like we've experienced in the past...this time the Agents intended to stay.

The invaders quickly captured Nought and after docking their warship on the shoreline began moving in equipment and supplies to support their attack.  Heavy thugs were built to defend their beachhead and heavily armed escort vessels of a never before seen design patrolled offshore to cover their coastline.

The Agents clearly hoped that the timing of their attack would find any potential defenders too intoxicated to put up any effective resistance and that those that could fight would be too distrustful of eachother to coordinate their actions effectively.

At first their assumptions appeared to be correct as the first responders to the scene arrived piecemeal and were easily picked off by the surprisingly strong defences.  In the confusion some warriors were accidentally killed by their fellow defenders (and some warriors may have taken advantage of the fog of war to settle old scores), but as the gravity of the situation became more clear (and the effects of the alcohol consumed earlier began to wear off) a more coordinated counter attack was mounted with some warriors keeping the Agents busy while others laid down a heavy barrage on the INS6 mothership with Buffaloes.

Nought changed hands numerous times and many vehicles on both sides were destroyed but the Agent's attack was not halted until the defenders managed to sink the mighty warship from which they were supplying their attack.

The Clan Council managed to recover some of the INS6 cash used to fund the attack and distributed it among the Dregs beachheads to help compensate the participating Outland Clans for their serious losses suffered in the attack.  OP4 investigators are working hard to find a way to examine the sunken remains of the warship off the coast of Nought in order to learn what they can of the new technologies fielded by the Agents in the attack and if possible find out more about their motives and plans.

Congratulations to all of the brave warriors that took part in the glorious defense of The Dregs against the evil Agent's of INS6!

Kent Clark

 on: November 17, 2010, 08:35:47 PM 
Started by Jenga - Last post by Jenga
From server restart on Friday to server restart on Sunday, all senior range forts and all beachhead forts will be able to FARP the BlackRhino.

All clans are hereby advised to relocate their Lukers as far away from the beachhead areas as possible.

 on: November 17, 2010, 02:46:33 PM 
Started by Jenga - Last post by Jenga
I'm going to try to get a terrain preview out this weekend.

It still needs a lot of finishing touches (rotation is a bit jerky, for example), but I know what needs to be done.  This will just be a ZIP file release to test whether or not the terrain works on your particular setup.

 on: November 17, 2010, 09:08:39 AM 
Started by Jenga - Last post by Jenga
Thanks to all those who have taken part behind the scenes, but most of all thanks to all the players who are still here after all of these years. ;)

 on: November 14, 2010, 02:03:35 PM 
Started by The EDITOR - Last post by The EDITOR

The Council of Clans is pleased to announce The "Terra Beautification Project".

This urban renewal project is aimed at improving the life at the DREGS, SUMP and surrounding BH's.  Councilman Begg stated that the area's around the Dregs and Sump have fallen in to a state of utter chaos and decay.  There is no challenge to the taking of the current BH's of Haud, Khuf, Lahia and Berguh simply because the terrain is flat as a board in all directions and has absolutely no tactical value to anyone.

Councilman Sauron also added that all BH's will be reevaluated and considered for possible renovation over the next few months under the "Terra Beautification Project".

There has been some resistance from the Hippo Guild because some of the drivers may need to alter their current routes in and out of the BH's.  Union/Guild talks are underway and look promising...  The OI will keep you informed.

 on: November 13, 2010, 10:49:06 PM 
Started by The EDITOR - Last post by The EDITOR

This evening the Council of Clans was thrilled to announce the completion of a new BH.  Of course the BH was christened during one of their usual elaborate affairs.  The Council have selected the name NOAK for the new Beach Head located just south of the SUMP.  The construction of NOAK was barely completed by the Council in time for the celebration of one of the ELDERS birthday.... "ZX".

Happy Birthday ZX!!! 

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