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Author Topic: Terracorp news  (Read 5966 times)


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Terracorp news
« on: November 07, 2010, 05:39:24 AM »


For Immediate Release

TerraCorp is pleased to announce the completion of the new Sump to Dregs Super Highway!  This high-speed transit route will allow for near instantaneous travel between the Dregs and Sump Beachhead areas without having to fly by Vulture.  This includes direct travel between friendly Beachhead Forts in the two areas (for example you could go directly from Azor to Haud if they are both owned by the same Clan and that Clan is "blue" to you).

This state-of-the-art transit system allows players of ALL Clans to quickly move between the Beachhead areas and also to rapidly move large amounts of cash between Beachheads.  Let us be clear...this FREE service is provided by your friends at TerraCorp to players of ALL Clans regardless of faction affiliation!

No longer will warriors be dependant on the whims of the Vulture Pilots Association (VPA) for travel across Terra.  This modern construction marvel marks the first step toward true freedom of the Warriors of Terra from the oppressive overlords of OP4, the Vulture Pilot Association and the Hippo Guild.