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Author Topic: Terracorp news  (Read 3474 times)


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Terracorp news
« on: November 07, 2010, 05:38:47 AM »


For Immediate Release

INS6 Seeks to Thwart Terracorp's Construction Plans!

Earlier this morning CinC Owen, CEO of TerraCorp had a scarab shot out from under him while scouting out prospective construction sites for the Dregs to Sump Superhighway.  The cowardly ambush was undertaken by an individual going by the name of Agent2 of INS6 who fled the scene before CinC Owen could return with a combat vehicle.

Nearby, CinC Owen discovered an INS6 Castle in the beginning stages of construction right along the planned construction path of the SuperHighway.  This Castle was destroyed along with a number of highly advanced "Black Rhino" battle tanks.  Be warned, this unidentified new group appears to have access to some new and never before encountered technology!  The smoking wrecks of these Black Rhinos continued to shoot even after they appeared to be destroyed!  Utmost caution should be used whenever approaching these vehicles.

These actions would appear to be an attempt to interfere with TerraCorp's construction plans.  All Terran warriors stand to gain by the completion of this Superhighway link and are encouraged to fight back against any members of INS6 that they encounter.  There remain many unanswered questions about this incident.  Who IS INS6?  Why are they against the Superhighway link?  Is the Vulture Pilot's Association in some way involved?  Where are they getting their advanced weapons?

TerraCorp would make it clear that it will use ANY and ALL means at it's disposal to deal with any threats to it's company's assets.