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Author Topic: Project Terra  (Read 5824 times)


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Project Terra
« on: November 14, 2010, 02:03:35 PM »


The Council of Clans is pleased to announce The "Terra Beautification Project".

This urban renewal project is aimed at improving the life at the DREGS, SUMP and surrounding BH's.  Councilman Begg stated that the area's around the Dregs and Sump have fallen in to a state of utter chaos and decay.  There is no challenge to the taking of the current BH's of Haud, Khuf, Lahia and Berguh simply because the terrain is flat as a board in all directions and has absolutely no tactical value to anyone.

Councilman Sauron also added that all BH's will be reevaluated and considered for possible renovation over the next few months under the "Terra Beautification Project".

There has been some resistance from the Hippo Guild because some of the drivers may need to alter their current routes in and out of the BH's.  Union/Guild talks are underway and look promising...  The OI will keep you informed.