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Author Topic: Nautical Nasties Nick Nought!  (Read 6050 times)

Kent Clark

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Nautical Nasties Nick Nought!
« on: November 18, 2010, 05:50:08 PM »

Wednesday evening's Anniversary celebrations at The Dregs were rudely interrupted by the sudden appearance of a massive INS6 warship off the coast of Nought.  This however was no mere nuisance raid like we've experienced in the past...this time the Agents intended to stay.

The invaders quickly captured Nought and after docking their warship on the shoreline began moving in equipment and supplies to support their attack.  Heavy thugs were built to defend their beachhead and heavily armed escort vessels of a never before seen design patrolled offshore to cover their coastline.

The Agents clearly hoped that the timing of their attack would find any potential defenders too intoxicated to put up any effective resistance and that those that could fight would be too distrustful of eachother to coordinate their actions effectively.

At first their assumptions appeared to be correct as the first responders to the scene arrived piecemeal and were easily picked off by the surprisingly strong defences.  In the confusion some warriors were accidentally killed by their fellow defenders (and some warriors may have taken advantage of the fog of war to settle old scores), but as the gravity of the situation became more clear (and the effects of the alcohol consumed earlier began to wear off) a more coordinated counter attack was mounted with some warriors keeping the Agents busy while others laid down a heavy barrage on the INS6 mothership with Buffaloes.

Nought changed hands numerous times and many vehicles on both sides were destroyed but the Agent's attack was not halted until the defenders managed to sink the mighty warship from which they were supplying their attack.

The Clan Council managed to recover some of the INS6 cash used to fund the attack and distributed it among the Dregs beachheads to help compensate the participating Outland Clans for their serious losses suffered in the attack.  OP4 investigators are working hard to find a way to examine the sunken remains of the warship off the coast of Nought in order to learn what they can of the new technologies fielded by the Agents in the attack and if possible find out more about their motives and plans.

Congratulations to all of the brave warriors that took part in the glorious defense of The Dregs against the evil Agent's of INS6!

Kent Clark