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Author Topic: PROPOSED TERRA TOLL ROAD  (Read 4931 times)


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« on: November 20, 2010, 05:41:44 AM »

Press Release

Due to the great popularity of the new Dregs to Sump Superhighway project TerraCorp has decided to expand our state of the art transportation services into the Outlands.

An ever expanding series of high-speed transportation lines will be built throughout the Outlands and will be available for use to all Clans on a subscription use basis.  Construction and maintenance of these transportation links will be undertaken by the Terra Construction Company (TerraCon), a wholy owned subsidiary of TerraCorp.

A system map of TerraCon's transportation network will be posted and updated on this website.  Participating Clans will be able to purchase dedicated access to this network allowing them to quickly and securely move personnel and cash between the Beachhead forts and any of the access points they have purchased along the network.  TerraCon will maintain the transportation network in return for a nominal monthly maintenance fee.  Subscribers can also hire TerraCon to construct a dedicated transportation connection to one of their existing Outland assets.  There will be two levels of subscription to this Transportation Network.  Clans can choose to either purchase an access "Node" along the highway system or they can hire TerraCon to construct a custom route connecting one of their existing Outland assets.

Purchasing A Node

What you Get:
- A secure MB built by TerraCon outside of Radar range of any existing Outland Structures and transferred to your Clan.
- Your choice of Grid Square Placement.
- Unlimited Instant Travel between any Clan-held Beachhead and all Clan-owned Nodes on the Network.1
- Significantly shorter Vulture Trips between your Nodes and your other Outland Castles in the area.

- You will still have to finish your trips to your Castle by Vulture.
- L200,000 at a time cash movement limit (the maximum that will fit in an MB)

Purchasing a Custom Link

What you Get:
- A Private Connection to one of your existing Outland Castles
- Unlimited Instant Travel between any Clan-Held Beachhead, your Castle and any other Clan-owned Notes/Custom Links on the Network.
- No Limitations on Money, up to L1,000,000 can be run between Castles on the Grid.2
- Avoid Vultures all together!

- None!

1 Assuming that all assets in question are owned by the same Clan. Players cannot run between allied clans assets unless both assets are owned by that allied clan.
2 If more money is moved than the receiving asset can hold then the difference will be held back at the source asset.

In return for participation in this exciting new age of Vulture-free Outland transportation all subscribing Clans will agree to honour the neutrality of all network links and attached Nodes regardless of Clan affiliation.  They will also commit to assisting TerraCon in the defence of this vital infrastucture project.

As a special introductory offer every Clan which agrees to subscribe to this service will be eligible for one COMPLEMENTARY Node on the transportation network (regular monthly service rates still apply).  Furthermore, Clans wishing for a custom network link can receive their first connection at a special discounted price (some conditions apply).

Watch this website for exciting new information about this service as well as details of service rates as they become available.  Please contact any of the staff members of TerraCorp or TerraCon if you have any questions about this service or wish to become a subscriber.

TerraCon, bringing the Outlands to YOU!