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Author Topic: Experimental Watercraft to be Tested!  (Read 6088 times)

Kent Clark

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Experimental Watercraft to be Tested!
« on: November 24, 2010, 06:21:48 PM »

Experimental Watercraft to be Tested!

Documents leaked to this reporter by sources close to the Clan Council indicate that secret agreements have been made with the shadowy Smugglers to obtain samples of some new, high-tech water vessels in a desperate effort to close the arms gap with INS6.

Panic is said to have swept through the upper levels of the Clan Council administration following the attempt by Agents to occupy The Dregs during the recent Anniversary celebrations.  Only the combined efforts of members from all the Outland Clans managed to defeat the advanced weapons fielded by INS6.  Powerful Agent-controlled warships have still been showing up occasionally in the area and causing havoc.

Fearful of losing control of the important Sea Lines Of Communication to a technologically superior INS6 navy, the Clan Council has turned to the Smugglers to obtain their own advanced naval weaponry.  Funding for this venture has come from the Hippo Guild and OP4 (and possibly other groups) who find their current positions threatened by the rising power of the Agents.  This may possibly explain the expanded mining operations that have been seen near The Dregs.

My sources tell me that several new classes of warships will be tested at the Waterworks facility over the next few days.  Trials are said to start on Thursday and continue through the weekend in order to evaluate the various new designs and test the new technologies.  Nobody is quite sure where the warriors will be found to pilot these new craft during the trials.

Clan Council spokespersons deny any dealings with the Smugglers and will only say that they are constantly undertaking research on new technologies and that there is nothing special at all going on at the moment.  In fact, the Council has declared a long holiday weekend starting Thursday in Thanksgiving to the brave warriors who helped defend The Dregs from the INS6 invaders.  They encourage everyone to spend the weekend quietly at home with their families and to ignore these silly rumours about weapons testing going on at The Waterworks.

In a related story, OP4 factories have started producing Goat combat vehicles mounting new, lightweight missiles and PEL mines which permit more weapons to be carried per vehicle.  Officials vehemently deny that this has anything to do with the reported payments to the Smugglers and insist that it is just part of the normal ongoing weapons research being conducted by OP4 scientists.

Kent Clark