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Author Topic: Tremors A Sign of Deeper Problems?  (Read 4649 times)

Kent Clark

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Tremors A Sign of Deeper Problems?
« on: December 20, 2010, 08:26:21 AM »

Tremors continue to plague the areas around The Dregs and Sump beachhead areas resulting in the shifting of the foundations of some buildings from their long familiar locations.  This increased seismic activity has even forced the complete reconstruction of OP4's newest beachhead, Nuke, in a totally different (and hopefully more stable!) location.

Clan Council Representatives insist that these "disturbances" are completely natural and normal and that the people of Terra have nothing to fear.  However, unnamed sources have suggested to the Outland Inquirer that there is a link between this dramatic increase in earthquake activity and the sudden increase in mining operations in and around Clan Council controlled areas.

Are the extensive mines underlying the beachheads weakening the very land on which they sit?  Are the increasingly frequent and serious tremors being caused by massive amounts of ore being removed from the ground under our very feet?  Why the sudden increase in mining intensity anyway?  Is there any truth to the rumours that with the massive amount of construction in District 1 over the decades that OP4 is actually starting to run low on ore supplies?

The Clan Council of course denies any of these suggestions but the construction of Thugs and increased AI Bot patrols in the Beachhead areas indicate that OP4 IS worried about something.  The Agents of INS6 have been quiet in recent weeks since their sudden and violent resurgence earlier this fall.  This COULD be a possible explanation for OP4's increased activities but then again it might not.

This reporter vows to get to the bottom of this ongoing story.

Kent Clark