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Author Topic: INS6 Raid The Dregs!  (Read 4990 times)

Kent Clark

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INS6 Raid The Dregs!
« on: November 25, 2010, 01:29:32 PM »

Massive INS6 Raid Strikes The Dregs!

Agents from INS6 launched another suprise attack on the Dregs yesterday evening.  This raid seemed to be intentionally timed to strike when not many defenders were available to defend the Beachhead area.

Unlike the previous attack which relied heavily on naval forces and seemed to be focused on killing as many defenders as possible rather than actually holding ground, this purpose of this attack is less clear.

Strange, pyramid-shaped structures were constructed by the attacking Agents at various points in the Dregs area from which issued massive numbers of AI Bot attackers (primarily Buffalos and Armadillos).

While the defending warriors tried desperately to deal with the overwealming swarms of bots, a handful of Agents struck each of the Beachhead castles in turn and ended up occupying the entire Dregs area.  After a failed attempt to destroy the Dregs Powerplant the INS6 Agents vanished from the area leaving their hordes of bots and their attack structures to be dealt with by the defending warriors.

What was the purpose of this latest raid?  Why did the Agents depart after they had managed to gain control of the entire Dregs area?  How did they know how to time their attack when so few defenders were available to oppose them?

Clan Council officials deny suggestions that INS6 may have infiltrated the Clan Council and OP4 staffs and are downplaying reports that their R&D offices were raided during the attack.  Hippo Guild officials have also been seen inspecting the newly opened mining facilities in light of reports that fully-laden Hippos were seen leaving the area during the attacks.

Kent Clark