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Author Topic: VIN Review - Armadillo  (Read 4507 times)


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VIN Review - Armadillo
« on: January 15, 2011, 04:26:21 AM »

Here's a summary of comments made about the changes to the Armadillo:

Dillo is completely neutered.

The Dillo is mag-able now (can't imagine why it wasn't) and has no machinegun, so you need a lighter vin like a Bison (actually a dillo with a HOW), Weasel, Aardvark, Rhino, Jackal, Muskrat or goat to take P's.  This helps out Fort or MB defenders some... I watched several attacks on a fort that took less then 15 mins to kill defenses and take P's, these fort had 5-6 attackers and 1-2 defender, no one died but the defenders who where overwhelmed by buffy's and Dillo's.

Well  if 5/6 are attaking 1/2 they should take a fort , regardless of how much time they spend .
How we suppose to take out the Thugs now ? iff dillo can be maged .
 The battles now will be just a bunch of (buffers) and some guy trying to take the ps and getting cords  :-\


The dillo could not be magged because it's not really capable of killing a Goat.  Yeah, you can blow one away with a couple Plas if the terrain cooperates...and you're quick.  The thing is big, slow and dumb and its only virtue is the ability to shrug off lots of damage and ignore mags.  A good Shrike beats it 9 out of 10 times.  A good Goater can Pel it to death.  A good Rhinoer can beat one much of the time(the Dillo's biggest advantage over Rhinos comes in numbers).  Making them maggable...meh...

The "real" reason they couldn't be magged was the idea the armor was simply too heavy.  If Terra had the graphix we could blow little holes all over the outside of them.   ;D

The Dillo is mag-able now
Which means it is virtually useless as a playable vehicle. As slow as the slew is in a dillo, there is virtually no defense against a goat from behind.
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