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Author Topic: Building Review - Mobile Bases  (Read 4079 times)


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Building Review - Mobile Bases
« on: January 15, 2011, 04:37:54 AM »

Here's a summary of comments made about the changes to the Mobile Base:

Mobilebases need their 16 defs back.  10 defs is much to little, as Servo said on vent, it looks like we are gonna seed with forts now :P  The MB will be WAY too easy to take.  As it is now if you are outnumbered defending a fort you stll have a good chance to hold it.  However an even battle or a battle with more defending, some of the defenders can attack the MB and easily take it out from under the attackers.

I don't know about the MB defs yet.

i now agree that not being able to jump off MBs to build forts could be a worthwhile endeavor.  It makes you consider where you build and has you earn the fort.

...for an MB that only has 10 defs and can be over run in a few minutes.

You cannot farp a beaver from a MB. As it should be. A MB is for attacking. No cheaping your way outlands. It should stay that way.

please explain because i dont understand why this freedom has  been taken also . terra=china ? what next slave players ?

This one I am going to disagree on.  The size of the map should be what we rely on for space to build, not restrictions on access.  Especially not when the MB's have been reduced to, well, nothing.  It's the overwhelming numerical disparities that are the issue, not the number of assets (or defenses present at them).  The assets need to exist, and have value beyond "something to attack", to spur the battles.  If we really want to slow expansion then jack up the total cost, not the time required to seed.  People will make the additional money.  They won't sit in a slow VIN for hours driving across a dead world they have seen intimately for years.  Especially when they actually do have to physically sit there due to bad terrain and killer volcanoes.

Then your gonna have people just piling MB's to the furthest reaches of map and start building forts.
It's way too simple to come up with even a mill to build a fort. Perhaps the beaver can have the roll limit quashed and speed it up slightly. But as for building from MB's I think It's a horrible Idea.
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