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Author Topic: VIN Review - Beaver  (Read 4366 times)


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VIN Review - Beaver
« on: January 15, 2011, 04:40:16 AM »

Here's a summary of comments made about the changes to the Beaver:

oh ya and the building vehicle to be fast again  ;D
know ya cant please everyone tho

Now we have a vin that can go 100 k and hold 100k but takes 3 hours to do it.

why only from onyx?? who going to drive all the way thru dregs in a beaver with 100k in it,to build in the south?? that vin is just a wast!

Observation: Like the Aardvark and Weasel, it has a MACH, HEAT, PEL load out. This is actually a semi decent load out, considering it is supposed to be a construction vehicle. On that note, I don't mind the roll limit and speed so much, but it would definitely be easier to remove the roll limit. Not that easier is always better.

Quote from: Online Discussions...several
The Beaver is terrible to drive...not only is it very slow but it's always hitting the roll limit on hills and getting stuck when you're trying to drive it.  It wouldn't be so bad if it could drive more like a Scarab or Goat even if it IS slow so you could set a path and not constantly have to maneuver around slopes.
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