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Author Topic: Building Review - Castles  (Read 4889 times)


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Building Review - Castles
« on: January 15, 2011, 05:03:24 AM »

Here's a summary of comments made about the changes to Castles:

Making the cost of essential building double is a hindrance.

Castles should be worth fighting over and KEEPING.  If they are expensive (compared to other things and the overall supply of cash in the game) and take a real effort to make then they won't just be razed and rebuilt elsewhere.  Castles should become familiar battlegrounds that are battled over repeatedly. 

While Castles should be hard to make, they should be easy to attack (note I say easy to attack, NOT easy to capture).  This is how we get the Outland action we're all looking for.

The thing I foresee as a problem with this idea is that many will raze the fort simply because of the devastating effect it will have on their foe, especially small clans. This tactic will outweigh the expense of building a new fort on many occasions. Especially between bitter enemies.

Just as an off the top of my head thought...what if Castles COULDN'T be razed...or it cost you (a significant amount) to raze a Castle?  That would make certain that your hard work to build is not wasted (even if captured it's still a target for you to recapture) or at the very least an enemy will have to make a sacrifice to get rid of it ("@raze TargetName" with a cost of L200,000 or something?)

Might work somewhat. Or set a time period of 1 week before they could be razed. This allows the clan who lost the fort ample time to try and retake it.

I like the idea of not being able to raze castles, or at least giving you a wait period before then.

[Owen: Please note that this quote has been clipped to contain just the parts that relate to beachheads/beachheading]
The ability to make cash, build, and have outland battles are the 3 key elements of the game and detrimental to keeping players interested. Past changes to these elements of the game have proven their sensitivity in relation to keeping a large vs. small active player base.


By reducing the amount of beachheads and increasing the difficulty and time required to build, you will more than likely notice that player type 2 [Owen: "builders"] will almost immediately stop playing. With fewer beachheads to make cash, they are forced to confront player type 1 [Owen: those that focus on player-vs-player combat]. This makes cash very hard to make for them. Now add the fact that building is much more of a chore now, and it’s easy to see why this player left.

Player type 3 [Owen: New/inexperienced player] is also forced to confront player type 1. Although many player type 1’s will try and help player type 3 improve their skills and understanding of the game, few will return after getting repeatedly killed during this process. And some don’t bother to help at all, but just kill player type 3 until he leaves.

Also large clans now resort to either sitting in the dregs after BH’s are blue, logging in as a swid clan or leaving the game, as there is nowhere else to go make cash. And with cash being scarcer and the added difficulty in the whole process of building forts or mb’s, few will even bother to build anything. Many don’t have that much time to donate to the whole building process. It is quite a chore for a small piece of gratification, especially when compared to the many other game options available today.

Player type 1 will also eventually leave, as there are few outland battles and few players to stalk at the BH’s. With the extremely large map, small number of potential targets and PITA of building, few are sweeping and seeding. Player type 2 is long gone, so there is nobody to battle, other than the occasional noob that pops in for a brief moment.

In a nutshell:
It’s already been proven that the ability to make cash and build needs to be made as simple as possible. That is why the price of building was reduced several years ago. Also why new BH’s and the Sump were incorporated into the game. Terra was lacking battles and players when these changes were made. It just seems like a lot of back-peddling to me.

I think most appreciate and enjoy new additions to the game. However, taking features away or hindering them has never been favored in the past.

I can't see how it's so hard for a clan to make cash and build. Both sides either cycle bhs. The inital drive to get outlands may be a chore, But it still feasible. Whens the last time you drove 600kms anywhere in life and it takes 20 mins

I know these are just the first steps in a long process. IMO removing features of the game and especially hindering the building and money making abilities in the game, have already been proven to be a bad idea in the past. And history has a nasty habit of repeating itself.
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