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Author Topic: Massive Earthquake Shatters The Outlands!  (Read 5218 times)

Kent Clark

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Massive Earthquake Shatters The Outlands!
« on: January 09, 2011, 04:02:35 PM »

The most devastating earthquake in living memory to strike Terra has left our civilization in ruins and our society on the brink of collapse!  The shaking was reported to have lasted for several minutes in some of the worst struck areas and no corner of District 1 is known to have escaped the resulting destruction.

Earthquakes are not uncommon in the District but this quake appears to have been stronger and more prolonged than others in recent history.  As a result this quake has destroyed even the massive permanent OP4 structures at The Dregs.  Some survivors are suggesting that the damage here was made worse by the over-extraction of ore from the ground underlying The Dregs as previously exposed by this reporter.  Searchers looking for survivors have confirmed that underground ore storage facilities have been found to be virtually empty despite previous claims by Clan Council representatives that there were no problems with OP4's mining operations. 

Damage at The Sump was somewhat less due to lower levels of mining in that area, however serious damage to the foundations of the buildings there have forced the entire area to be at least temporarily abandonded due to fears that the buildings could easily collapse with any further aftershocks.

Reports from the Outlands are still sketchy but it appears that few if any buildings remain standing as a result of the devastation.  Communications with the Amok and DesertRats Clans have been cut but scattered stragglers have trickled in from the Bootcamp area with tales of total devastation and bitter fighting amid the ruins.

Rescue efforts continue amid the rubble of The Dregs but the whereabouts of the District Administrator, the Head of the Clan Council and many other Councillors and senior bureaucrats remains unknown.  Most could very well have been killed in the earthquake but there are rumours spreading that some senior officials have fled for fear of being blamed for covering up the ore crisis, or may infact have been victims of violent powerplays between rival factions within the Council.

A "Crisis Committee" has been formed and has claimed emergency powers in order to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake, but the members that make up this group have yet to be released.  In a dramatic move the Crisis Committee has decided to completely abandon the headquarters of OP4 and the Clan Council and relocate all of the facilities to a new location far to the North and West of District 1.  "A new Dregs and a new prosperity shall shall arise from the shattered rubble of the old regime" declares a recent Crisis Committee press release. 

As part of their response to the disaster the Crisis Committee has seized all bank assets of the Outland Clans in order to fund rescue, relocation and reconstruction efforts.  Outraged complaints from furious Clan Chieftains were met with the comment "If you think you can eat and drink your bank statements go ahead and try.  Otherwise shut up and take what we give you!".  OP4 meanwhile has seized all shipments of combat vehicles being delivered from the VAULT in order to prevent the possibility of any open insurrection coming from angry Clan leaders.

Much cash appears to have been spent on the purchase of new and highly advanced ships and other vehicles from the Smugglers in order to help move the resources and people required to rebuild The Dregs in its new location.  The rapid appearance of these vehicles and the speedy construction of the new Beachheads has led many people to question if plans for this massive restructuring were already underway PRIOR to the earthquake.

Crisis Committee spokespersons have announced several austerity measures including increased charges being imposed on the Clans for the purchase of many vehicles as well as increased costs of construction due to a severe lack of ore.  New mining facilities are said to have been built throughout the unexploited areas of the Outlands surrounding the new Dregs in order to meet increased demands.

The effects of this horrible disaster have gone beyond rebuilding infrastructure and picking up the pieces of shattered lives.  This reporter has seen firsthand the more subtle effects of this upheaval.  Clans have become more paranoid and protective of their limited resources.  There now seems to be a complete unwillingness of even formerly friendly Clans to share their assets or even information about their assets with others for fear that it could be taken from them.

We will have to see if there is any truth to the propaganda promises of the Crisis Committee that the "new" Terra can not only repair the damage that has rained down upon us but bring in a "Glorious New Era of Prosperity and Wealth" to the Outlands.

Time will tell if they are right, but in the meantime this reporter will keep pen in one hand and the other on my weapon.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Kent Clark
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