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Author Topic: Crisis Committee Announces New Production!  (Read 4537 times)

Kent Clark

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Crisis Committee Announces New Production!
« on: February 02, 2011, 04:27:37 PM »

Spokesmen for the OP4 Crisis Committee have announced that just weeks after the horrible destruction caused by last month's massive earthquake forced our mass exodus to our new home far from the former District 1, new equipment production factories are starting to come online.

Upgraded vehicles and powerplants have begun rolling off the production lines of OP4 factories.  The "Beaver" construction vehicle was one of the first models to be fitted with these upgraded components.  Improved suspension components have improved the ride of the vehicle over rough terrain and high-tech floatation equipment has been installed to allow over water travel.  Some early users are also reporting that the replacement of the second-hand motors used in the early models with new units may have resulted in greater fuel efficiency and longer range as well.

The "Aardvark" assault vehicle, plagued by poor performance with it's mish-mash of left-over weapons salvaged from destroyed factories has finally been equipped with new dual rocket launchers which have finally entered full-scale production after long delays.  Warriors I've spoken to are hopeful that with this new configuration the Aardvark will finally take it's place as a useful complement to the Armadillo heavy tank in the assault role. 

Another vehicle benefiting from the delivery of new components is the "Weasel" Anti-Aircraft vehicle.  Improved computer modules have finally solved the integration problems that plagued the targeting system for the rapid-fire laser system designed to be a back-up to the primary missile launcher.  Like the Beaver, the Weasel has also been retro-fitted with improved automotive components and floatation equipment to make it more mobile on the battlefield.

Terran warriors are also rejoicing that production of new mobile power generation units has finally begun.  As we all know, the loss of the old OP4 production facility in the quake forced Clans to make use of whatever salvaged power units they were able to find in their inventories.  While technicians were (usually) able to keep these museum pieces running with jury-rigged repairs, gallons of sweat and endless prayers, they just couldn't put out the kind of power required to run the full complement of defences required to keep a Mobile Base battle-ready.  With brand new power units coming online, Clans will finally be able to set the number of defences they were previously used to having. 

Representatives of OP4 downplay complaints from Clan leaders that their rebuilding efforts have fallen short of expectations.  They cite the quick rebuilding of the Dregs Beachhead area and the almost immediate re-establishment of the Terran economy.  While some production remains at significantly lower levels than before the earthquake, most production lines are back online and producing components at near record levels.  Ore production remains low and has resulted in slower than desired expansion by the Outland Clans but exploration for new mines continues as do plans for further expansion.

This reporter will continue to follow this story and pass on any additional news as it becomes available.

Kent Clark