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Author Topic: Crisis Committee Announces New Construction!  (Read 5522 times)

Kent Clark

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Crisis Committee Announces New Construction!
« on: February 22, 2011, 02:39:58 PM »

The Crisis Committee officials announced today that they have completed the reconstruction of the Bootcamp training area.  This area West of the New Dregs will be where newly recruited fighters can practice their skills in preparation for eventual integration into the Terran warrior class.  The Founding Clans (Amok and Desert Rats) have relocated their Home Forts from their temporary locations near New Dregs in order to better oversee the training process. 

While OP4 officials have been bragging about the speed with which they have been able to rebuild the Bootcamp complex despite reduced revenues from so many experienced warriors perishing in the recent earthquake, many questions about the state of the overall training process remain.  It's been rumoured that veteran Outland warriors are being consulted about ways to improve a system that has been considered by many to be a total failure in the past.

Stay tuned for future developments as new information becomes available from the increasingly secretive OP4 Crisis Committee.

Kent Clark