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Author Topic: OP4 Testing New Beachheads  (Read 4953 times)

Kent Clark

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OP4 Testing New Beachheads
« on: March 01, 2011, 06:09:04 PM »

With the opening of the new Bootcamp training area and relocation of the Amok and DesertRats Home Forts the OP4 Crisis Committee has announced a trial expansion of The Dregs beachhead area.

Two new "Standard" Beachheads ("Chog" and "Sang") have been constructed in the general areas formerly occupied by the Amok and DesertRats Home Forts.  A third new Beachhead...this one a "Super Beachhead" (with a full complement of vehicles available including the prized Falcon and Beaver models) named "Canobie" has been constructed to the South of Aquatica.

OP4 spokesmen say that the addition of the new 10k Beachheads is intended to help out newer players to make the transition from Bootcamp to the more challenging environment of the Dregs as well as to provide some more wide open combat areas for veteran Rhino drivers.  The new Super Beachhead to the South will provide an additional construction launch point for the Outland Clans and hopefully relieve some of the "congestion" being experienced at Onyx.

When asked if these new structures will be a permanent addition to the Dregs economy OP4 representatives were non-committal and said that an ongoing study on the "macro economic contributing factors resultant from the expansionary effects of currency injection on the Gross Outland Product" was still underway.  This reporter takes this as a firm "We don't know yet...we'll have to wait and see".