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Author Topic: OP4 Unveils new Warrior Training Facilities  (Read 6037 times)

Kent Clark

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OP4 Unveils new Warrior Training Facilities
« on: June 04, 2011, 08:29:15 AM »

The Crisis Committee of OP4 has announced the construction of several new training facilities in the area around The Dregs.  These new areas are designed to allow warriors to practice their combat skills in specific vehicles against other warriors at no cost to their Clans.

It is hoped that these facilities will result in an overall increase in the skill and agressiveness of Terra's warriors as the Crisis Committee fears for the very survival of our society in the aftermath of the earthquakes and the resurgence of INS6.

Three facilities have been constructed so far "Rhino_Rumble" to the East of Dregs, "Scarab_Scrapyard" to the West of Canobie and "Savage_Seas" in the maritime area beyond the Rhino training area.  An additional facility for the use of M-Goats is also in the planning phases and the search is underway for an appropriate location.

Kent Clark
Outland Inquirer