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Author Topic: INS6 Establishes Presence Outside Dregs!  (Read 5314 times)

Kent Clark

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INS6 Establishes Presence Outside Dregs!
« on: April 28, 2011, 07:33:55 PM »

Hopes that the secretive Agents of INS6 had been destroyed by the massive earthquakes that flattened the Outlands have been shattered.  Not long after the new Dregs Beachhead area was rebuilt by OP4, scouts discovered an INS6 HQ building located in a small lake just to the West of the Dregs.  However no Agent activity was detected in the area and OP4 attempts to destroy the structure were unsuccessful.  It was hoped that the fortress was either abandoned or possibly just placed to keep an eye on the activities of OP4 and the Outland Clans.

These hopes were dashed earlier this evening by the sudden expansion of INS6 forces in a broad front facing the Dregs Beachheads of Trice and Quasi.  A number of INS6 Pyramids supported by a strong force of AI bots and even a couple of Heavy Thugs established a front line between the Agent's Headquarters and the Clan controlled Beachheads.  Clan warriors probing the defences met with stiff resistance from the robot defenders and at least one Agent. 

Warrior losses were heavy but a large number of enemy vehicles of various types have been destroyed.  Efforts to push back the INS6 forces have so far proven unsuccessful but ferocious skirmishes have continued well into the night.  The INS6 forces have shown little interest in advancing further into OP4 controlled territory and normal beachheading activities seem to be unaffected. 

Are the INS6 Agents simply drawing a line in the sand to prevent Clan forces from encroaching on territory they have claimed as their own, or is this a prelude to a wider conflict which will threaten the very existance of the already weakened Clan forces?  As usual, the motives behind the Agent's actions remain unclear, however for the time being a sort of stalemate has developed along the frontlines between the opposing sides.  Battles will likely continue on both sides of the front but it remains to be seen if either side will be able to gather enough strength to push the other out of their positions.

Kent Clark,
Outland Inquirer