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Author Topic: Rhino Weapon Upgrades  (Read 13589 times)

Kent Clark

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Rhino Weapon Upgrades
« on: April 05, 2015, 07:16:59 PM »

Repairs to Rhino Production Lines Finally Completed!

The Clan Council has announced that enough spare parts have finally been scavenged to complete the long-awaited repairs to the Rhino vehicle production line.  It's been four long years since the massive earthquakes that shattered the Outlands and threw all of Terran society into disarray and the recovery has been slow and often painful. 
Damage to the automated vehicle production facilities has been long delayed due to lack of spare parts and and key technologies.  Ever since the catastrophic damage wrought by the earthquakes, workers have been forced to ship vehicles with reduced weapon capacities than those produced before the disaster.  These production problems have now been fixed.

Rhinos coming off the production lines starting after Monday's central command server restart will once again have the full load of weapons as those Rhino's of pre-quake production runs. 

Younger warriors may not recall that previously the Rhino had the following initial/maximum ammunition capacities:

DUP    = 20/40
HEAT  = 20/40
LDM    = 12/21
HSM   = 12/21
MG     = 255/255
MAG   = 0/0

Veteran warriors are very excited about once again having vehicles who's destructive capability matches their explosive tempers.

In related news, the Outland Enquirer's Widows and Orphans Relief Fund is kicking off its annual fundraising drive with raffle tickets going on sale at the Dregs Bar for a Keg of Rum.  Warriors are encouraged to buy now while you're still alive to do so!

Kent Clark,
Outland Enquirer