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Author Topic: Terra client version 2.1.0  (Read 31965 times)


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Terra client version 2.1.0
« on: February 13, 2018, 03:28:44 PM »


  • Move configuration settings from Registry to "config.lua"
  • Move login from launcher.exe to observer screen
  • Allow aspect ratios wider than 4:3
  • launcher.exe: Build resolution list by querying Windows
  • Choose font size based on resolution height, not width
  • DirectX: Attempt to recover from ALT-TAB in fullscreen mode
  • Allow Unicode input in chat/typing area
  • Enable fort spot lights if 6 or more lights are enabled
  • Add buttons to setup menu to open configuration and log file folders
  • Make falling snow fill the whole screen, not just the top half
  • Slow down bubbles when under water and fix direction
  • Slow down snow
  • Add terrain detail texture
  • Always use terrain blending
  • Shadows (work in progress)
  • Add new terrain textures
  • Minimize inter-object texture switching
  • Render Billboards sorted by texture
  • Show render object counts when @debug is enabled
  • Turn on mipmapping by default
  • Add support for multiple lights, point lights, and spot lights
  • OpenGL support
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