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Mayhem Server Version 1.32.8.

Author Topic: Terra client version  (Read 57683 times)


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Terra client version
« on: March 21, 2018, 03:01:24 PM »


Please try this version if you have been experiencing sound issues. If they are still present in this version, please upload "terra.log" (you can open the containing folder via the in-game setup menu).

  • Enforce square aspect ratio for compass and damage overlays
  • Encode all sounds with the same settings: 11kHz, 16 bit, mono
  • Add lots of debug log message to sound initialization code
  • Fix ancient bug that prevented setting the volume on individual sounds
  • Use correct values for primary sound buffer format
  • Set "config.sound.driver" to "none" to disable sounds
  • Move "config.sound_volume" setting to "config.sound.volume"
  • Don't just silently exit on fatal Lua errors
  • Allow up to 15 characters for username/password and allow all printable ASCII characters for password input (the website will not let you do this yet)
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