What is Terra?

Terra is a FREE Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) persistent world universe in which Warriors battle with heavy weapons on personal and team levels to conquer the Outlands!

Terra is a war game unlike any other, modeled after none, similar to absolutely nothing! Terra is a persistent game world in which you fight both Warriors (humans) and Robots (AI) to gain rank/experience and built your own assets, claim land and protect it. Play with friends, create your own clan, or even meet new friends.

In Terra, only skill and battle tactics separate the good players from the bad. Overcome, adapt and conquer! Fly planes and helicopters, drive tanks and fast moving light battle vehicles. Play with a defensive nature or an aggressive one. Build and name your own castles and forts and even design their defenses and defend them in fierce battles that can last from just minutes to an intense several hours.

Terra doesn't sleep. It is a persistent world that exists 24/7, every minute of every day in real time. Your assets exist and are defended by your friends and allies, or their own defenses while you sleep. In Terra, the war is never over, it is always just beginning. Come try a game that's both very simple, but deeply complex in all of its capabilities. Build your world the way YOU like it and test your skills as a Warrior against others.

Windows Store for Windows 10

This is essentially with a few minor changes to show the Dregs building and power plant on the login screen, but if you have Windows 10 please test.

Terra client version

Should hopefully fix the Vulture/fort lase issue.


  • Fixes for submission to Windows 10 App Store
  • Skip splash screen, go straight to the observer/login screen
  • Fix memory leak in GfxGL::screenshot() function
  • Build "lua.dll" from source
  • Support specifying alpha in UiObject "color" attributes
  • Add support for CSS-style named colors
  • Restore test for back-facing triangles in object pick check
  • Allow octal or hexadecimal values for UiText "flags" attribute
Terra client version 2.1.0


  • Move configuration settings from Registry to "config.lua"
  • Move login from launcher.exe to observer screen
  • Allow aspect ratios wider than 4:3
  • launcher.exe: Build resolution list by querying Windows
  • Choose font size based on resolution height, not width
  • DirectX: Attempt to recover from ALT-TAB in fullscreen mode
  • Allow Unicode input in chat/typing area
  • Enable fort spot lights if 6 or more lights are enabled
  • Add buttons to setup menu to open configuration and log file folders
  • Make falling snow fill the whole screen, not just the top half
  • Slow down bubbles when under water and fix direction
  • Slow down snow
  • Add terrain detail texture
  • Always use terrain blending
  • Shadows (work in progress)
  • Add new terrain textures
  • Minimize inter-object texture switching
  • Render Billboards sorted by texture
  • Show render object counts when @debug is enabled
  • Turn on mipmapping by default
  • Add support for multiple lights, point lights, and spot lights
  • OpenGL support
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